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Gem Studies Laboratory (GSL)

Gem Studies Laboratory in Sydney is the Gemmological Association
of Australia's endorsed diamond grading laboratory.

GSL - the name you can trust

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GSL (Gem Studies Laboratory) was started over twenty years ago to
meet the demand in Australia for a first-rate diamond laboratory.
Today it has become the best known independent diamond certification
and gem identification laboratory in Australia.

Over the years that GSL has been in business we have identified and
valued countless diamonds and coloured gemstones, issued hundreds
of opal and coloured stone certificates and tens of thousands of
diamond certificates.

The complete gem testing laboratory

With our genuine commitment to the Australian gem and jewellery industry,
and our to desire to improve and enrich it, we have access to the latest
equipment and the most sophisticated instruments that allow us to offer a
wide range of services to our clients. These include;

  • Diamond Certification
  • Diamond Fingerprinting
  • Pearl X-ray Testing
  • Gemstone Authentication
  • Gem & Jewellery Photography
  • GSL's Australian Opal and Gemstone Photographic Library

Experience and Commitment

Our clients come to us for our experience and qualifications, but most
importantly for our commitment to customer service. In the last five
years we have received two Australian Achiever Awards - for the
overall operation of our laboratory and our Australian Opal and
Gemstone Photographic Library.

Jewellery retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers all use the services
provided by GSL, along with diamond and gemstone importers, Australian
Customs, the NSW and Federal Police Forces, the Department of Public
Prosecutions, antique dealers and Australia's foremost auction houses.

The people who bring their valuable gems to GSL come for the certainty.
We take our client's trust very seriously and have built our reputation on it.

Recording Australia's Gemstones

Earning national recognition in 2001, the Australian Opal and Gemstone
Photographic Library was started with the realisation that as many as
95 per cent of Australia's best opals end up overseas. It now documents
some of the finest gemstones and opals in Australia and offers future

generations the chance to access a fantastic visual reference of Australia's
opal and gemstone history. The images are widely used in both Australian
and international publications.

Our partnership with the GAA

In 2003 GSL and GAA (the Gemmological Association of Australia) formed
an historic alliance as part of our ongoing commitment to the Australian gem

and jewellery industry. GAA's endorsement of GSL as its diamond certification
and gem testing laboratory ensures that our facilities meet the highest
standards and that all techniques and equipment used in our laboratory are
state-of- the-art and in line with the latest international standards. When you
come to GSL you are guaranteed the best service available from the best
team in the business!

The GSL Team

Bill Sechos
With over twenty five years experience, Bill holds a science degree from
the University of Sydney and received the Australian Prize for his
achievements whilst completing the GAA Diploma of Gemmology. He has
served as the GAA president and chairman of the GAA Board of Studies and Examinations.

Bill is actively involved with their training
programmes as senior lecturer.

Rudy Weber
At age 15 Rudy was already helping his father find, cut and polish gems.
He trained to become a licensed diamond grader ` with the Diamond
Grading Laboratory in London, where + he met Bill and the GSL partnership
was formed. With a love of photography, Rudy set up GSL's unique
Australian Opal and Gemstone Photographic Library.

Flora Theodore
GAA-trained in diamonds, Flora has been working with GSL as a diamond
grader since 1996. With her love of gemmology and her commitment to
clients, Flora is an essential member of the GSL team.

Contact Gem Studies Laboratory
Phone: 61 2 9264 8788
Fax: 61 2 9267 8556
email: info@gsl.net.au