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Volume 25, Number 3, July- September 2013

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Corinne Sutherland Memorial Issue

How diamond performance attributes: brilliance,scintillation and fire depend on human vision features

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Images of four diamonds are  presented as stereo pairs

How diamond performance attributes: brilliance, scintillation and fire depend on human vision features

Sergey Sivovolenko, Yuri Shelementiev, Garry Holloway, Janak Mistry, Roman Serov, Stepan Zhulin, Kristina Zipa


This study describes how visual properties determine the perception of a diamond's appearance and its performance attributes of brilliance, scintillation and fire, and how these influence beauty. Further articles will describe other parts of our cut study project. This research enables the development of methods and instruments for diamond performance analyses, shifting from diamond cut rejection tools, to diamond performance scoring systems, and the introduction of a new consumer language for communication between buyers and sellers. The proposed Performance Scoring System is consumer friendly and can be used to design and manufacture new diamond cuts with improved optical appearance.