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Steven Milonas

Summing up my career in a couple of paragraphs is not always easy but there are the highlights which seem to stand out in ones mind.

Just recently I completed my certificate in gemmology; a task I had been wanting to undertake for a long time and, having been in the jewellery industry twelve years it was  time I concreted my passion for gems and jewellery.

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Audrey Toth

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Chris Holdsworth

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Darren Daley

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Jacinta Childs

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Kareena Newton

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Peter Cartwright

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Hugh Kronenberg

FGA, FGAA, Diploma of Diamond Technology
2108 Sutherland Award Winner


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Terrence Stewart Coldham

Born Brisbane Australia 1945. Health Good. Keen traveler and collector with an eye for detailed investigation. Hobbies include camping, fishing, travel.

At a very young age started collecting rocks and crystal, buying my first collection of gem minerals at eight years old, 56 years later every piece remains in my collection. Whilst in high school I was fortunate to be taught faceting and by the age of sixteen owned my first faceting machine.

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Elizabeth Hoy
NSW Committee Member

Self employed as a jewellery valuer, Kareli Valuation Service, for 12 years

As a child I collected rocks, had a microscope, and made jewellery out of shells and beads. In high school I had a lucrative business making and selling belts and accessories.

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Kathryn Wyatt

Current work: Owner of Imogene Antique & Contemporary Jewellery

GAA study: (list courses completed) Diploma of gemmology, OH&S, Synthetic and Gemmology update, Practical Diamond grading, Advanced diamond Grading, Diamond Technology, Jewellery Sketching, Pearl Threading, Registered Jewellery Valuer.

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Jewel Beresford FGAA

Currently I am retired and intending to stay that way.

At the time I began my Diploma in Gemmology studies I was running my own rock & gem shop named “Jewel’s” in Hobart.

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Sarah Munday FGAA

2012  Diploma in Gemmology graduate

How  I came to where I am.

Helen Brown

Talks about her gemmology career.