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Course Outlines

GAA Diploma in Gemmology

Two-year part time (February to November) gemmology course. Also available by fleximode and intensive. An in-depth study of gemstones using scientific knowledge and gemmological instruments. Upon completion of this course, the qualified gemmologist will be able to describe whether a gem is natural, treated or man-made. A diploma member of the GAA may also use the postnominals FGAA, Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia. See the brochure

Enrolments for 2019 are NOW OPEN

Prospective students are invited to enquire and register their expression of interest for the next intake for 2019. Fees are as below and exact schedules will be determined by the teaching centre in your state soon.

Payment plans are available upon enrolling with a $1000 deposit. 

To reserve your place contact our Federal Enrolment Officer on 1300 436 338 or email learn@gem.org.au

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Diploma in Gemmology FAQs

Synthetic & Gemmology Update / 2 days

Topics covered: selection of diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, chrysoberyl, spinel, quartz, turquoise, lapis, coral, jade and paste – natural, synthetic and imitation, and visual optics. Class limits apply. Prerequisite: Diploma in Gemmology or equivalent.

Diploma in Diamond Technology

This course gives students an in-depth understanding of diamonds, from their beginning as carbon atoms in the earth’s mantle to their final destination as a cut stone or for use in industrial applications. Over 23 weeks, students will study the properties of diamonds, follow a trail from genesis to mining and recovery, and on to fashioning and marketing of diamond. The Diploma also includes Practical Diamond Grading which can be completed in the same year or as a separate module providing that the two modules are not taken more than one year apart.

Prerequisite: Diploma in Gemmology or equivalent is preferred but not essential

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Practical Diamond Grading / 5 days or 15 part-time evening sessions, Sydney and Melbourne

At the completion of this module the student will receive a certificate indicating competence in the practice of diamond grading of polished diamonds.

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Advanced Practical Diamond Grading / 2 days

Learn how to grade fancy and old diamond cuts, set diamonds, recuts and coloured diamonds

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Introduction to Gemmology / 1 day

In this course the basic gemmology of gemstones and their properties is introduced with hands on experience. This is an introduction to the wonderful world of gems and to the instruments used to identify them.

Coloured Gemstones Consultants Course / 1 day

This one day course introduces a range of coloured gemstones, discussing properties, country of origin, identification, selling techniques and caring for coloured gemstones.

Diamond Consultants Course / 1 day

This one day course is designed for the retail consultant and consumer to improve selling techniques and diamond knowledge. The topics covered include the 4C’s (colour, clarity, cut and carat weight), history of diamonds, diamond properties, marketing, elementary grading, diamond simulants, enhanced diamonds, caring for your diamonds and more.

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Jewellery Product Knowledge / 18 hrs

This course covers the metals used in jewellery, the different methods of manufacture, types of setting and the correct use of terminology when referring to jewellery. The course also advises on the care of jewellery and discusses the various types of watches available. A course designed for both retail assistants and customers.

Jewellery Design/Sketching / 20 hrs

This course will teach students how to sketch jewellery designs quickly and effectively.

Opals - Advanced Study / 2 days

A comprehensive course covering all aspects of opals.

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Pearls – Advanced Study / 2 days

A comprehensive course covering all aspects of pearls.

Pearl Threading / 1 day

The basics of the traditional ways of threading pearls, including knotting, are demonstrated and each attendee will complete projects using natural gem beads and cultured pearls. Class limit applies - no prior experience necessary.

Gem Setting / 5 days

This course will introduce students to the art of Gem Setting. Learn how to make your own tools, the history of gem setting and traditional settings. This is a hands-on course and students have to supply certain tools. A list of required tools is available from the GAA.

Pearl and Opal Consultants Course

Retail staff or those wishing to gain skills in selling Pearl and Opal will learn how to differentiate between imitation and cultured Pearls, how to identify Japanese Akoya, Chinese Freshwater and South East Tahitian Pearls. Also learn how to distinguish the different types of Opal, know how to care and sell.

Advanced Instruments

This course is designed for the gemmologist or jewellery valuer who wishes to keep up-to-date with advancements  in instrumentation. The 'rusty' gemmologist will benefit from this course by increasing their efficiency and accuracy when using gemmological instruments.

Advanced Design & Drawing

Upon successful completion of the Jewellery Sketching and Design course students are invited to enrol in the Advanced Design & Drawing course. This course builds on the competencies already gained and focuses on the principle of ‘perceived perspective’ with greater emphasis placed on colour rendering techniques as well as creativity and presentation.

All courses subject to minimum enrolment.  Not all courses available in all Divisions.