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Code of Ethics

GAA CODE OF ETHICS Section 4 Resolutions of Federal Council

4.1 The code of Ethics shall apply to all Fellows and State Association members.

4.2 The conduct of Fellows and State Association members is to be such as to uphold the reputation of the GAA. Their responsibility to the community is to be of paramount importance.

4.3 No state association member is to conduct himself in a manner that creates disharmony or is detrimental to the reputation of the GAA, its MEMBERS, sub-committees, officers or members of the State Divisions.

4.4 Fellows and State Association members shall avoid, and discourage, unsubstantiated statements, misleading descriptions (of gems, synthetic and imitation material), and seek to present correct information with truth and impartiality.

4.5 Fellows and State Association members should endeavour to explain fully, to members of the public and those untrained in Gemmology, the meaning and importance of gemmological terms and names, especially where these relate to a financial transaction (i.e. buying and selling of gem materials).

4.6 Fellows and State Association members may not use, for personal gain, nor disclose, confidential information arising out of work performed for their client or employer. They should not, deliberately or carelessly, express professional opinions likely to adversely affect the reputation, business or prospects of other Fellows, or members of the Association.

4.7 If a Fellow or State Association member seriously believes another Fellow or State Association member to be guilty of unethical, illegal or unfair practice, it is their duty to present such information to the Federal Council for consideration; after notifying the other Fellow or State Association member involved in an appropriate manner.

4.8 Fellows and State Association members, when engaged in Gemmology, must remain impartial and unbiased at all times and not place themselves under any obligation by means of substantial favours.