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The early history of the New South Wales Division is inextricably interwoven with the history of the formation of The GAA. Following the formation of The GAA in 1945, the two year Diploma in Gemmology course was commenced in New South Wales in 1946 with the first diplomas presented in July 1948.

In 1957, the GAA NSW purchased an old terrace house in Burton Street Darlinghurst which became the home of the GAA in NSW.

In 1969 new premises were needed to cater for the growing numbers of students, and the Wentworth Avenue building was purchased. Since then, the range of courses conducted by the NSW Division has grown both in content and diversity to include Diploma in Diamond Technology, Retail Training and Jewellery Design. The New South Wales Division conducts a Correspondence Course, with students from all over Australia and internationally. 

Various research groups have been formed with specializations such as sapphire, opal, and gemstone and inclusion photography. Today, the premises in Wentworth Avenue, Sydney have been upgraded and now give students comfortable, pleasant surroundings in which to study.