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GAA - Victorian Division - Welcome to the world of gemstones


Gemmology is the scientific study of gemstones. The GAA's aims include:

  • To advance the science of gemmology in Australia and in particular to encourage by all means the more practical studies in gemmology.
  • To provide an up-to-date library and information bureau with reliable data for members.
  • To provide an up-to-date laboratory conducted by a qualified gemmologist for the testing of gemstones.

Whether you are a professional jeweller, a shop assistant, an antique dealer or a dedicated gem enthusiast, the GAA has a course to suit your needs.

Our address and contact details may be found on the Contact Us page.

Diploma in Gemmology (Intensive)

Now offered by GAA as a one-year intensive course. See more details...

Course Enquiries

All Diploma course enquiries to learn@gem.org.au or 1300 436 338.

All short course enquiries to the office on 9326 6160, or check out the Course Dates and Fees page that will contain links to bookings pages where applicable.


71st GAA Federal Mini-Conference

Date: 27th - 28th of May 2017 Venue: 380 - 382 Spencer Street, West Melbourne 3003 - GAA House, Victoria more news >


GAA (Vic) Annual General Meeting 2017

Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of the GAA - Victorian Division. 

DATE: Thursday 6th of... more news >