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Membership Application


As a member you are eligible to attend special guest lectures, member meetings and social events. You will also have the assistance of members of the Association who have endless years of knowledge and experience. The GAA has up-to-date library facilities for your reference, where you can view books and journals to help increase your knowledge and aid you in your study.

Membership is open to all who are interested:

  • $264 per year (Jan – Dec)
  • $230 (overseas)
  • $220 (Over 60s subject to conditions*)
  • $60 Joining fee (once only fee to NEW members).

Joining the GAA is as easy as completing the Application for Membership form, and paying the required membership fees.

Membership Application Form

  • Victorian Division Hint: Save file to your hard disk and print from there, rather than try to print from the website. Seems to work better. :-)

* Please apply to GAA (Vic) in writing for Senior's membership status.