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We love GAA (Vic)


These are comments made by students about their studies with GAA (Vic).

For years I've loved gems and jewellery and the gemmology course offered by the GAA has allowed me to foster this love even more. Hopefully, I can take my career further with the knowledge I've gained.

Fiona, Diploma of Gemmology 1

I love GAA (Vic) because they are very accommodating, friendly and happy to help when the need arises. I will make lifelong friends here, and all students are very supportive and happy to share their experiences.

Merewyn, Diploma of Gemmology 1

I enjoy practice and theory classes, so much fun, can find out about beautiful gemstones in the world.

Lily, Diploma of Gemmology 1

I found the course was very informative and totally opened the door of the world of gemstones for me. Now I find I am not an outsider and I can appreciate any gemstones I possess even more.

Zoe, Introduction to Gems and Gemmology