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All articles authored by GAA members and reprinted from "Jeweller".

The art of opal cutting

Category: Cuts  Date: October 2010

Australia’s national gemstone is also one of the most complicated to cut. GAA opal experts Anthony Smallwood and John Krook explain why it is an art form in its own right.


Cat’s eyes and stars

Category: Cuts  Date: September 2010

Cat’s eye and star gems are prime examples of how inclusions can be an asset in coloured gems rather than a liability, explains the GAA’s KATHERINE KOVACS.


Fantasy-cut Gemstones

Category: Cuts  Date: August 2010

For those who like to set themselves apart and break with tradition, fantasy cuts offer a fun twist on the usual shapes. Chair of the GEM- Ed commitee KATHERINE KOVACS reports.


Ruby and Sapphire Cuts

Category: Cuts  Date: June 2010

Rubies and sapphires should be cut to retain as much weight as possible, while still aiming to retain brilliance and a pleasant shape. The GAA’s KATHERINE KOVACS reports.


Treatment is not a dirty word

Category: Cuts  Date: May 2010

With an array of gemstone treatments in use, retailers need to realise that treatment disclosure is more important than ever. The GAA’s Katherine Kovacs reports.


Coloured stone cuts: Emerald and other Beryls

Category: Cuts  Date: April 2010

The shape of a gemstone variety's rough will determine its best-possible cut. The emerald has had a cut so regularly applied to it, that it was named "emerald cut". The GAA’s KATHERINE KOVACS reports.


Cameo appearance

Category: Cuts  Date: March 2010

A cameo is defined as a gemstone that has been carved in relief with a picture of a scene, figure or face. One of the most widely-used is a portrait of a face in profile. KATHERINE KOVACS reports.


Cutting coloured gems

Category: Cuts  Date: February 2010

The cutting of coloured gemstones is an entirely different process to that of cutting diamonds. As Terry Coldham advises, many more factors must be taken into account from the very start.


Introducing coloured stone cuts

Category: Cuts  Date: October 2009

Coloured gems require a different approach to cutting than diamonds. In the first of a series of articles, The GAA’s Katherine Kovacs and Terry Coldham detail the subtleties of the coloured cuts.