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Donated to GAA (Vic)

From time to time, generous folk donate various specimens to GAA (Vic). In addition to a personal 'thank you', we would like to acknowledge those donations on our website and encourage you all to come and see the specimen at GAA House.

Our first entry on this page is a magnificent piece of spectrolite, click the thumbnail to see a larger pic and more information:

Donations have been received from:

  • Michael Ast (gems)
  • David Heiderich FGAA DipDT (gems)
  • Dazlyn Gems (gems)
  • Hunt Family, Monbulk Jewellers (spectrolite)
  • Valentina Ironside FGAA (gems)
  • Emma Keep (gems)
  • Bruno MacCord (TV monitor)
  • Selliah Nalliah FGA FGAA (journals)
  • Michael Oboler (journals)
  • Grant Pearson FGAA (gems)
  • Steve Richards (books)