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Library Catalogue - Victoria

This is a list of books catalogued in the library at GAA House, Melbourne. Each link is to an individual PDF file.



Last updated May 2015


If you know the whereabouts of any of these books, some of them Reference Only copies, they may even be hiding out at your place, please bring them back and leave them on a table in the library. No questions asked.

Put a little note on it that it's returned home after a journey, so we know to mark it off this list.

• Talent, J. A., Minerals Rocks & Gems

• Rose, G., Gemstones: NSW Geological Survey  

• (REF) Read, P., Gemmology

• Giacomini, A., Trophy Winning Facet Cuts

• (REF) Gubelin, E., Inclusions as a Means of Gemstone Identification

• Argyle Joint Venture, Argyle Project Briefing

• Chapman, L., Diamonds in Australia

• Idriess, I., The Diamond: Stone of Destiny

• (REF) Wilson, A.N., Diamonds: From Birth to Eternity

• Tolansky, S., The History and Use of Diamond          

• Tolansky, S., The Strategic Diamond

• (REF) Orlov, Y. L., The Mineralogy of Diamond

• Hughes, T. J., Occurrences of Gemstone Minerals, Tasmania

• McAndrews, J. & Marsden, M.A.H., Regional Guide to Victorian Geology

• Victor, A.E, &  L.M., Gem Tumbling & Baroque Jewelry Making

• Scarfe, H., Collecting & Polishing Stones

• Buchester, K. J., The Australian Amateur Lapidary

• Smith, E., Schroman, A., Gemcutting - A Lapidary Handbook

• Sinkankas, J., Gem Cutting - A Lapidary Manual

• Greenbaum, W., The Gemstone Identifier

• (REF) Christies, Christies Jewellery Review

• Schumann, W., Gemstones of the World

• Schumann, W., Gemstones of the World

• Hoffman, D. L., Comprehensive Gem Diagrams

• (REF) Sinkankas, J., Mineralogy

• (REF) Harlow, G. E., The  Nature of Diamonds

• Child, J., Australian Rock & Minerals

• Sinkankas, J., Mineralogy

• Read, P., Beginners Guide to Gemmology

If you happen to have a copy of one of the above books that you would like to donate to GAA (Vic), it would be gratefully received!