Advanced Opals

This two-day course covers all aspects of opal gemmology with specific details on how to examine, separate all different types of opal from all Australian varieties and including all world-wide occurrences of opal. Specialised information is provided on present day imitation and so called synthetic opals as well as discussion regarding opal treatments. Consideration is also to the identification of opal composites. As well the course covers details regarding opal history with special Australian information. The science of opal formation both in Australia and overseas in foreign environments is explained in detail. Specialised discussion involving the commercial evaluation of precious opal is provided for jewellery valuers with a complete discussion of opal nomenclature for gemmologists writing reports. This course contains a substantial practical examination of all types and varieties of opal from all worldwide sources. 6 CPD points available to NCJV members.

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  • Australian & international history of opal
  • Opal terminology & nomenclature
  • Opal localities
  • Science behind the play of colour phenomenon
  • Australian opal mining
  • Opal composites (doublets & triplets)
  • Synthetic & imitation opal


  • Jewellery buyer
  • Jewellery valuer
  • Auction & antique sales
  • Retail sales staff
  • Gem prospector
  • Sophisticated purchaser
  • Opal enthused gemmologists


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