Ornamentals – Minerals & Rocks of Beauty

This course is ideal for the gem enthusiast who wishes to learn more about the huge variety of ornamentals that are used in jewellery or as a refresher for those who have previously completed the Diploma in Gemmology. Ornamentals are differentiated from other rocks and minerals by their visual appeal of their striking colours or patterns with give them a beauty that is ideal for jewellery and in their raw form are an intrinsic part of any gemmology collection. New ornamentals are being found regularly and recent trends have resulted in an explosion of the use of new ornamentals in jewellery.

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  • Covers many ornamental gemstones such as Lapis, Malachite, Agates, Tourquoise and visually appealing inclusions in Quartz
  • Learn about newly discovered ornamental stones
  • Includes information on ornamental use in jewellery
  • Learn common imitants and methods used to identify these
  • View examples of ornamentals in jewellery


  • Gem enthusiasts
  • Refresher for gemmologists
  • Prospective Diploma in Gemmology students
  • Lapidarist
  • Prospectors
  • Collectors
  • Hobbyists with an interest to learn about gemstones


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