Conference Scientific Seminar: Gemmology through Polarising Microscope

2021Sun23May2:45 pmSun3:30 pmConference Scientific Seminar: Gemmology through Polarising Microscopewith Susan Stocklmayer BSc(Hons) FGS FGA

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This year our fabulous line up of Scientific Seminars that form part of our Federal Conference will be available for all to attend, either virtually via zoom, or in person at various local GAA hubs around the country. Contact your local division to book your place today! Note that starting time is Perth time, as the Perth division is hosting this event.

The polarizing microscope, is the most important instrument used in the identification of minerals by optical methods. As the usefulness of optical methods of identification have been greatly superseded by high technical instrumentation in mineralogy, there are many applications for the continuing use in gemmology. Crystallography is the mainstay of understanding optical behavior of light in gemstones and the polarizing microscope permits observations to high magnifications, under both plane and crossed polarized lighting. Using thin sections, grain crushes and whole gemstones, methods of identification will be demonstrated as applied to gemmological minerals and materials.

Susan, a London University Honours graduate in geology, was initially employed as the Mineralogist at the Geological Survey in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). She qualified as an FGA by distance learning and practiced as a gemmologist and Valuer in London. After moving to Western Australia in 1998 she continued working as a Valuer and as a lecturer with the Gemmological Association of Australia.
Susan has published various papers in the Journal of Gemmology covering Zimbabwean minerals including emerald and euclase and, since moving to Western Australia, has authored and co-authored numerous papers culminating in the popular Gemstones of Western Australia bulletin. Susan has maintained close links with the Gemmological Association in London and is on the board of Examiners. She is currently Keeper of Gemstones for the Gemmological Association of Australia.



(Sunday) 2:45 pm - 3:30 pm GMT+8 (Perth time)(GMT+08:00)


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