Happy National Volunteers Week

Since 1945, the GAA is a proudly volunteer run Non-For-Profit Trade Association.

We are the only educational facility in Australia that teaches about gemstones. Primarily providing education on the identification of gemstones to individuals both within the jewellery industry and anyone interested in learning about nature’s most fascinating creations.

All levels of management, at both state and national levels are run by passionate volunteers, committed to seeing the GAA succeed.

Our volunteers also work behind the scenes, working on projects like

  • producing The Australian Gemmologist, our own gemmology journal
  • curating gemstone collections in each state
  • updating our course resources and notes
  • managing assessment and writing exams
  • assisting with working bees in each state to maintain facilities
  • managing publicity and social media
  • plus many more…

To all our hard working volunteers, you are the backbone of our association, and we couldn’t be prouder of the work you do.

A never ending Huge Thank you!

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