Application for Refund of Marking Weekend Expenses

Please complete this form to receive reimbursement of expenses incurred for attending marking weekend.

To compensate individuals for the expenses incurred in travelling to Melbourne to help with Marking Weekend and to participate in the Gem-Ed / BOS&E Meetings.

Those eligible for re-imbursement of expenses are:

  • 2 representatives chosen by each state. Names must be submitted to Gem-Ed
  • Additional individuals invited by Gem-Ed to mark Diamond Technology papers
  • Gem-Ed Chair, Gem-Ed Secretary, Chair of BOS&E and the Federal Registrar Others as per invitation only

Eligible expenses for re-imbursement are strictly limited to:

  • Return Flights
  • Equivalent of a return skybus ticket. ($36 – can be used as partial reimb of Taxi fare if you want)
  • 3 nights accommodation to a maximum value of $180 per night *
    • * Please note: if you are staying at the Atlantis Hotel, there is no need to arrange payment with the hotel. A group booking has been made. Please contact Laura Brehaut to reserve a room.

Upon submission, a copy of this form will be sent to gemed.accounts@gem.org.au and gemed.treasurer@gem.org.au

All expenses will be verified and approved by the Treasurer of Gem-Ed before re-imbursement is processed.

Application for Refund of Marking Weekend Expenses

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