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The Federal Council

A forum for the Association's membership

The Federal Council of The Gemmological Association of Australia is the statutory controlling body of the Association. The Council consists of the twelve Councillors of the Association, who are nominated annually by the State Divisions in which they are resident. Currently, two Federal Councillors are nominated by each of the State Divisions of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. The Federal Councillors of the Association, who are responsible for the operation of the association as a whole, must act for the benefit of the Association as a whole, as well as in the interests of their nominating Division.

Federal Councillors also have an additional role to act as Directors of the Association. In the performance of this function the Councillor-Directors must meet before each Annual General meeting of the Association to perform those specific functions as specified by the Companies Code and the Articles of Association of the GAA.

The Federal Council usually meets monthly by internet or by teleconference. At meetings of the Federal Council the educational and publishing activities of the GAA, which are normally run by specially elected sub-committees of the Federal Council, are discussed together with any matters related to the day-to-day operations of the Association. Voting by Councillors at Federal Council meetings is conducted on the basis of proportional representation of the membership as a whole.

Each Federal Councillor takes on specifically designated roles from time to time to expedite the daily running of the Federal Council and the Association. Activities that are not required by either the Companies Code or the Articles of Association to be handled by members of the Association in a General Meeting are discussed, resolved and actioned by the Federal Council.

Council for 2018:

Federal President:
Chris Holdsworth
email: president@gem.org.au

Federal Chair:
Kym Hughes
email: chair@gem.org.au

Federal Secretary:
Katherine Kovacs
email: secretary@gem.org.au

Federal Treasurer:
Laura Brehaut
email: treasurer@gem.org.au

Bill Sechos

Constitutional Officer:
Eleanor Sanders

Publicity Officer:
Kathryn Wyatt
email: publicity@gem.org.au