Conveniently located on Ipswich Road at Annerley with plenty of on street parking available. Our premises recently expanded to accommodate ten students due to increased demand. Multiple local eateries (sushi, Subway, bakery, coffee shops, Woolworths) all in easy walking distance.



The Queensland Division continues to impart gemmological knowledge to people from all walks of life and keeps members abreast of current events in the gem and jewellery industries.


Courses are provided by Gem-Ed Australia and individual State Divisions. Click here to view the course dates and fees for Queensland.


  • Ten seat classroom
  • Each desk has a microscope, refractometer, polariscope and multiple light sources. Avoiding the need for sharing.
  • Additional instruments – multiple UV light sources, specific gravity scales, ‘spot’ light sources for visual optics and prism spectroscopes available for student use within the classroom.
  • Extensive reference and lending library.
  • Separate lunch room and kitchen facilities (microwave, kettle, refrigerator, sink)



Steve Dobos Queensland Education Support Officer, President

Co-ordinates delivery of all subjects as set out in the GAA Course Charter, including scheduling of classes, teaching and support staff. First point of contact for Teachers and Students. As President, Steve Oversees running of Queensland Division, heading up the Committee.


Michelle Selwood Administration Officer

Ensures all records, paperwork, accounts and other administration tasks are completed, recorded and reported in an appropriate and timely manner under the direction of the President and Committee.


Ryan Mathews Treasurer

Oversees and ensures that all financial obligations and transactions including Financial statements, audits, cash flow forecasts, etc are completed on time and within the confines of the GAA guidelines and relevant Government regulations.


Kathy King Secretary

Oversees and ensures due process and reporting is adhered to within the confines of the GAA guidelines and relevant Government regulations.


Sally Lyon Librarian, Promotions & Marketing

Ensure Library resources are kept relevant and up to date and available for use by teachers and students. Keep relevant Queensland components of the GAA website up to date and promote the GAA courses as and where appropriate, either via electronic communication or attendance at Gem Shows and other similar activities.

courses offered by Queensland

Introduction to Pearls & Pearl Stringing

This informative course will cover the theory, history and identification of pearls.

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Introduction to Opal

Fascinated with opal? Then you will enjoy our short course which introduces you to this wonderful gem.

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Advanced Practical Diamond Grading

Take your diamond grading to the next level and learn how to grade fancy shapes and colours and screen for synthetics.

Learn More

Gemmology Update and Synthetics

Extended study for qualified gemmologists, touching on most aspects of synthetic and treated gemstones.

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Diamond Technology Theory

Learn the fascinating process of diamond formation through recovery and final use in jewellery or industry.

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Practical Diamond Grading

Learn weight estimation and visual estimation of the 4 C’s as well as other features of practical diamond grading.

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Introduction to Gems and Gemmology

Overview of natural gemstones, colour, original localities, hardness.

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Diploma in Diamond Technology

An intensive course that focuses on all aspects of diamonds including practical and theoretical components.

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Diploma in Gemmology

A part-time two year (equivalent) diploma course comprising of scientific study in order to identify faceted and rough gem material (gemstones).

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