OLD FORMAT – Volume 1 July 1958 – June 1959

Volume 1, Number 1, July 1958
Address of welcome: Professor D.P. Mellor, 5.
Gem inclusions through a x10 loupe (ruby, emerald, sapphire): A.A. Wirth, 10-12.
Do we know enough about diamonds: W.A. Catanach, 25.
Gemmology and the salesman: S. Morrow, 28-29.

Volume 1, Number 2, August 1958
Fabulite – The new diamond substitute: Prof. Dr. Schlossmacher (trans. by J.D. Altmann), 8-9.
Gem mining in Ceylon: adapted from K.J. Semanader, 11-13.
Andamooka field excursion: R. Harvey, 16-17.

Volume 1, Number 3, September 1958
Australia’s first pearl culture venture, 15-19.
European diamond market report: C.J. Ginder, 30-31.

Volume 1, Number 4, October 1958
Cultured emeralds and how they grow: C.F. Chatham, 7-11.
Inside the Chatham cultured emerald: T. Koller, 14-20.

Volume 1, Number 5, November 1958
Prasiolite: A.A. Wirth, 6-8.
A new method for producing synthetic ruby: Professor D.P. Mellor, 10-11.
Jewellery exhibition, Sydney, NSW, 12-15.
Marco Polo – Gem lover – Part 1, 22-23.

Volume 1, Number 6, December 1958
The origin of gems – Part 1: R. Grasso, 8-10.
Synthetic diamonds through the microscope: G.A. Tombs, 12.
New discovery in Western Australia (tiger’s eye and cat’s eye opals), 15.
Marco Polo – Gem lover – Part 2, 16-17.

Volume 1, Number 7, January 1959
The origin of gems – Part 2: R. Grasso, 6-12. Asterism in gemstones: N.G. D’Ascenzo, 13-16. Introducing precious gemstones: A.A. Wirth, 17-
Marco Polo – Gem lover – Conclusion, 32.

Volume 1, Number 8, February 1959
Testing emeralds, 9-10.
Man-made stones are ‘synthetics’: The Gemmologist, 12.

Volume 1, Number 9, March 1959
The Pearl King – The story of the fabulous Mikimoto: R. Eunson, 7-14.
A link with the Spanish Armada (four ancient pearls), 16-20.

Volume 1, Number 10, April 1959
Gemstones and their superstitions: D.R. Walter, 6-11.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 18-21.
The Sandawana emerald discovery: D.E. Mayers, 28-29.

Volume 1, Number 11, May 1959
Man-made emeralds: E.J. Gubelin, 7.
Know your jadeite: A.A. Wirth, 10-13.
Some notes on a recent West Australian mineral discovery (opalised tiger’s eye), 16-17.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 18-21.
The birth of the opal (poem), 22.

Volume 1, Number 12, June 1959
Emeralds from Sandawana: E.J. Gubelin, 6-20.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 31-32.

Volume 2 July 1959 – June 1960

Volume 2, Number 1, July 1959
How to start collecting minerals: D.R. Walter, 6- 11.
Synthetic rutile sold under many names, 13-14.
The Japanese opal market: R.B. Stokes, 15-16.
European diamond market report: C.J. Ginder, 19.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 22-26.

Volume 2, Number 2, August 1959
Overseas gemmological and jewellery trends: J.D. Altmann, 5-7.
A new opal prospect: R.B. Stokes, 8.
Determination of mounted stones: N.F. Lamb, 11.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 13-20.

Volume 2, Number 3, September 1959
Birthstones – Their history and superstitions: J.M. Wise, 5-10.
How to use a dichroscope: C.J Parsons, 11-12.
Table of pleochroism, 13.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 24-30.

Volume 2, Number 4, October 1959
Turquoise imitations: R. Webster, 5-7.
European diamond market report, 12.
Gem cutting, 18-19.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 21-30.

Volume 2, Number 5, November 1959
Highlights from the gem trade laboratories in New York and Los Angeles – Gems & Gemology, 5.
Lapidary trend in America: K.E. Bensusan, 9-12.
The Rayner gemmological microscope, 13-14.
Jewel exhibition Melbourne 1959, 16-17.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 27-30.

Volume 2, Number 6, December 1959
Rarest stone in the World (Blue John): D. Thompson, 5.
A visit to the Burra Copper Mine in South Australia: D.R. Walter, 7-10.
Turquoise: E.P. Van Leuven, 11-14.
Kuri Bay (Qld): D.R. Walter, 15.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 21-25.

Volume 2, Number 7, January 1960
Facetted gem stones: cutting for maximum brilliance: O.L. Knight, 5-12.
Retail jewellers welcome diamond course, 15- 16.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 24-28.

Volume 2, Number 8, February 1960
Ruby: J.R. Holdsworth, 5-8.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 17-22.

Volume 2, Number 9, March 1960
Properties and classification of individual garnets: B.W. Anderson, 5-12.
Memories of Western Australian gold rushes – The Larkinville and Specimen Gully finds: R.J. Beavis, 14-18.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 23-26.

Volume 2, Number 10, April 1960
The nature of polished metal and stone surfaces, 5.
Chatham denies FTC charges, 7-8.
The gold rush, Beechworth (1852), 12-13.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 19-22.

Volume 2, Number 11, May 1960
Black opal: L. Hudson, 5.
Opal deposits at the Hayricks opal mine, Quilpie: Queensland Government Mining Journal, 7-16.
Fishing for truth about R.I.: D.G. Sanderson, 18.
Life on the goldfields: R.C. Harvey, 20-22.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 26-30.

Volume 2, Number 12, June 1960
The mechanical properties of solids and their influence on the durability of gemstones, 7 – 17.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 29-30.

Volume 3 July 1960 – June 1961

Volume 3, Number 1, July 1960 (OLD SERIES)
The noble opal of Australia: A.A. Wirth, 6-7.
Kalgoorlie – El Dorado of the West: R.O. Chalmers, 9-15.
North America’s only diamond field: E.L. Howe, 16-17.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 24-26.

Volume 3, Number 2, August 1960 (OLD SERIES)
Fire and brimstone: R.O. Chalmers, 5-9.
Huge gem auction in London, 10.
A trip to Rubyvale: R. Bykersma, 12-15.
Hopper crystals of quartz from Meelup, Western Australia: J.G. Kay, 16-18.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 24-26.

Volume 3, Number 3, August 1960 (OLD SERIES)
Diamonds for you: De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd, 5-11.
Jade carving: P . Ping-Heng, 13-17.
Fabulite (Strontium titanate), 18.
The Pearl King (continued): R. Eunson, 22-26.

Volume 3, Number 1, November-December 1960 (NEW SERIES)
Gold is where you find it: M. Bracken, 4
Pearl testing endoscope: Special correspondent, 7-11.
Opal in the Eulo district: R.R. Dowding, 12-15.
Yowah opal (a poem): R.R. Dowding, 15.

Volume 3, Number 2, January-February 1961
Tasmanian jewellery exhibition, 5-7.
The GAA field day: D.G. Sanderson, 8-9.
Australia and gemmology: alexandrite: A.A. Wirth, 11-12.

Volume 3, Number 3, March 1961
The Maori Heitiki: Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd, 5-6. Relationship between refractive index and specific gravity: J.R. Tuffley, 7-9.
Synthetic and cultured gem materials: S. St. J. Warne, 16-19.

Volume 3, Number 4, April 1961
The rise of the diamond: M.J. Ward, 5-6.
Protecting a trade, 14-19.

Volume 3, Number 5, May 1961
Zircon – the mineral and gemstone of rising fame: Professor A.F. Wilson, 6-7, 14.
Working conditions in a South African diamond mine: W.E. Funston, 8-9.
Protecting a trade (continued), 15-19.

Volume 3, Number 6, June 1961
Chiastolites from the Olary Province of South Australia: D.R. Walter, 5-9.

Volume 4 July 1961 – December 1962

Volume 4, Number 7, July 1961
New star stones and their antecedents: F.H. Pough, 5-8.
Figure-O-Scope: J.J. Snow, 9.
Protecting a trade (continued), 12-14.

Volume 4, Number 8, August 1961
Artificial colouration of gemstones: R.J. Thorburn, 5-7.
Kilkivan (Qld): M.W. Shiel, 11-13.
Protecting a trade (continued), 14-15.

Volume 4, Number 9, September 1961
Cleavage: J.R. Tuffley, 5-7.
Protecting a trade (continued and end), 10-11.
Volume 4, Number 10, December 1961
The new synthetic emeralds (Linde, Leichleitner): Jewellers’ Circular Keystone, 5- 7.
An introduction to the optics of gemstones – Part 1: J. Ostwald, 8-14.
Gemstones of Australia: R.O. Chalmers, 15-17.
Is gemmology enough?: D. Sanderson, 18.
The story of the Allied Jewellery Centre of Victoria, 19, 22.
The Princess cut diamond, 20-21.
Taking gemmology seriously: F.S.H. Tisdall, 26.
The virtues of bloodstone: E.P. Van Leuven, 27-29.
Diamond mining in Yakutia: The Gemmologist, 29-30.

Volume 4, Number 11, March 1962
Jewelled crafts – An historical survey – Part 1: J. Ostwald, 5-12.
The opal market: J.D. Altmann, 13-14.
An X-ray examination of synthetic spinel: J.R. Tuffley, 15-17.
Is gemmology enough?: A.G. Steele, 17.
An introduction to the optics of gemstones – Part 2: J. Ostwald, 18-22.
Hydrothermal rubies and emerald-coated beryl: E.J. Gubelin, 24-28.
River of jade (BC, Canada), 29-30.

Volume 4, Number 12, June 1962
An introduction to the optics of gemstones – Part 3: J. Ostwald, 5-9.
Microstructures in opal potch from Andamooka, 9-10.

Volume 4, Number 13, July 1962
An introduction to the optics of gemstones – Part 4: J. Ostwald, 5-10.
A rare synthetic (silicon carbide, SiC): R.K. Mitchell, 11-12.

Volume 4, Number 14, August 1962
Jewelled crafts – An historical survey – Part 2: J. Ostwald, 5-10.
The paradox of the “rare” synthetic: J.R. Jones, 11-12.

Volume 4, Number 15, September 1962
The art and science of gemmology: H.E.E. Brock, 5-8.
Jewelled crafts – An historical survey – Part 2 (continued): J. Ostwald, 8-10.

Volume 4, Number 16, October 1962
Jewelled crafts – An historical survey – Part 3: M.J. Ward, 5-9.
The Maitland Bar nugget: H.F. Whitworth, 10-11.

Volume 4, Number 17, November 1962
An introduction to the optics of gemstones – Part 5: J. Ostwald, 5-9.
Howlite: natural and stained: R. Webster, 10-11.
Lapidary equipment and its care: A. Grapes, 11-13.

Volume 4, Number 18, December 1962
An introduction to the optics of gemstones – Part 6 (concluding): J. Ostwald, 5-10.
Confusion about synthetics: A.E. Alexander, 12.

Volume 5 January 1963 – December 1963

Volume 5, Number 19, January 1963
Mineral colour: J. Ostwald, 5-6.
Imitation and treated turquoise: H. Lee, R. Webster, 7-13.

Volume 5, Number 20, February 1963
An unusual experiment with topaz: J. Ostwald, 5- 6.
Imitation and treated turquoise (continued from January): H. Lee, R. Webster, 7-10.
Sorting diamonds by light, 11-12.
Superstitious? The effect of colour, 13-14.
Research on opal, 14-15.

Volume 5, Number 21, March 1963
The gemstones and jewellery of prehistoric India: J. Ostwald, 5-7.
The pride of India: T.J. Brock, 8.
Green gold: R.B. Stokes, 9-10
Superstitious? The use of gemstones as healing agents, 11-12.

Volume 5, Number 22, April 1963
The measurement of colour and pleochroism in crystals and gemstones: J. Ostwald, 5-8.
Tooth turquoise – Odontolite: O. Mate, 9.

Volume 5, Number 23, May 1963
Ancient Greek gemstones and jewellery: J. Ostwald, 5-9.
History of the arts and crafts of India: T.J. Brock, 10-12.

Volume 5, Number 24, June 1963
Ruby and sapphire: R. Webster, 5-8.
Ancient jewelled craft: P. Oesterlin, 9-10.

Volume 5, Number 25, July 1963
Presidential address: Professor H.C. Bolton, 5-7.
Hungarian opal: O. Mate, 8-9.
Ruby and sapphire (continued from June): R. Webster, 10-11.

Volume 5, Number 26, August 1963
Etruscan gemstones and jewellery: J. Ostwald, 5-6.
Ruby and sapphire (continued from July): R. Webster, 7-8.
From rockhounds to rare gems in America: G.V. Axon, 9-10.
Colour of prase and chrysoprase: P.A. Males, 11-12.
Non-nucleated pearls now on the UK market: Retail Jeweller, 12.

Volume 5, Number 27, September 1963
Burmese gems: D.R. Walter, 5-8. Crystals: D.R. Walter, 9-11.

Volume 5, Number 28, October 1963
Burmese gems (continued from September issue): D. R. Walter, 5-7.
Crystals – Part 2: D.R. Walter, 8-9.
A note on cancrinite: J. Ostwald, 10.
A trip through a treasure house: G.V. Axon, 11-13.

Volume 5, Number 29, November 1963
Crystals – Part 2 (cubic): D.R. Walter, 5, 7-8.
Pet aversions: S.J. Squires, 9.

Volume 5, Number 30, December 1963
Atoms in crystals: Professor H.C. Bolton, 5-12.

Volume 6 January 1964 – December 1964

Volume 6, Number 31, January1964
Crystals – Part 3 (tetragonal): D.R. Walter, 5, 7- 8.
An unusual colour pattern in precious opal from Andamooka: P.A. Males, 9.
Trace elements and colour in minerals and gemstones: G.J. Troup, 10-13.

Volume 6, Number 32, February 1964
Crystals – Part 4 (hexagonal): D.R. Walter, 5, 7- 8.
Relics of the past: F. Dowding, 10-11.
The case of the missing gemmologist: G.V. Axon, 12-14.

Volume 6, Number 33, March 1964
Crystals – Part 5 (orthorhombic): D.R. Walter, 5,7.
Gem Safari (Agate Creek): D. Bolton, 8-9.
Light-polish-orientation of gemstones: E.C. Parrott, 10-11.
Black-eyed Susan (spectroscope): I. Rhys, 11-14.

Volume 6, Number 34, April 1964
Crystals – Part 6 (monoclinic): D.R. Walter, 5,7.
Roman gemstones and jewellery: J. Ostwald, 10-11.

Volume 6, Number 35, May 1964
Crystals – Part 7 (triclinic): D.R. Walter, 5.
On the microstructures and origin of emerald: J. Ostwald, 7-10.

Volume 6, Number 36, June 1964
The origin and nature of Thunder Eggs: Professor W.H. Bryan, 5-9.
Quality of pearls, 11.

Volume 6, Number 37, July 1964
Fossicking for sapphires: V. Gorton, 5-8.
Trade and commodity notes: Australian gemstone industry, 9-10.
Idar-Oberstein: A.J. Breebaart, 10-11.
Emeralds are created, 13.

Volume 6, Number 38, August 1964
Two new synthetic emeralds: E.J. Gubelin, 5-11.
Diamonds under town, 14.
Synthetic quartz crystals in 21 days, 15.

Volume 6, Number 39, September 1964
Scientific gemmology and its future: J. Ostwald, 5-7.
Australia and gemmology: A.A. Wirth, 7.
Chrome diopside cat’s eyes: G.A. Bruce, 8.
Jasper-opal associated with diatomite from Cooma, NSW: P.A. Males, 9-10.

Volume 6, Number 40, October 1964
Chalcedony and jasper from a pebble beach, Coalcliff, NSW: P.A. Males, 5-7.
Australia and gemmology: A.A. Wirth, 8.
Sodalite as a gemstone: J. Ostwald, 9-10 The zoisite, 10-11.
Chrome diopside cat’s eyes (continued from September): G.A. Bruce, 12.

Volume 6, Number 41, November 1964
Presidential address: Professor H.C. Bolton, 5-6.
Quartz matrix opal: W. Funston, P.J. Darragh, A.J. Gaskin, 7-8.
Crystals, 9-10.
Artificially coloured diamonds, 11.
Chalcedony, 1213.
Attention! Fabulite – Strontium Titanate, 13.

Volume 6, Number 42, December 1964
Corundum – Part 2: A.A. Wirth, 5-9.
Mr & Mrs Y. Mikimoto in Australia, 10-11.
Gemmolgy – An ideal hobby for teenagers, 11-12.

Volume 7 January 1965 – December 1965

Volume 7, Number 43, January 1965
Corundum – Part 3: A.A. Wirth, 5-7.
The opal, gem of mystery, 11.

Volume 7, Number 44, February 1965
Gemstones and gemmology, Corundum – Part 4: A.A. Wirth, 5-7.
Old diamond mine at Mittagong, NSW: G.A. Tombs, 8-9.
Matrix opal, Andamooka, SA: P.A. Males, 10-11.

Volume 7, Number 45, March 1965
Gemstones and gemmology, Corundum – Part 4 (continued): A.A. Wirth, 5-7.
Patents issued for diamond manufacture, 8.
Microtexture of gem chrysoprase from
Queensland: P.A. Males, 10-11.

Volume 7, Number 46, April 1965
The problems of damaged gemstones: R. Webster, 5-6.
Apatite hairstone from the NT: P.A. Males, 7-8.
Gemstones and gemmology (continued): A.A. Wirth, 8.
The origin of colour in opal: P.J. Darragh, J.V. Sander, 9-12.

Volume 7, Number 47, May 1965
Presidential address: Professor H.C. Bolton, 5-7.
Australia and gemmology: emerald by man: A.A. Wirth, 8-9.
Amber: A.A. Wirth, 9, 11.
Gemstones in Finland: J.C. Rufi, 12-13.
Synthetic opals search: Sun Herald, 13-14.

Volume 7, Number 48, June 1965
The geology of Australian gemstone deposits: J.C. Liddy, 5-8.
Gemstones and gemmology, synthetic corundum: A.A. Wirth, 9-11.
Home comforts at Andamooka: L.R. Kavanagh, 12.

Volume 7, Number 49, July 1965
Inclusions in NSW gemstones: E.L. Stevens, 5- 7.
The geology of Australian gemstone deposits: J.C. Liddy, 8-11.
Symerald – A new synthetic emerald, 12-13.

Volume 7, Number 50, August 1965
Inclusions in NSW gemstones (continued from July issue): E.L. Stevens, 5-7.
Crystal growth techniques – Part 1: E.A.D. White, 7-9.
Classification of growth techniques, 9-10.

Volume 7, Number 51, September 1965
Australia and gemmology: A.A. Wirth, 5-6.
Crystal growth techniques – Part 2: E.A.D. White, 7-10.

Volume 7, Number 52, October 1965
A new hydrothermal emerald: Linde Division, 6.
Crystal growth techniques – Part 3: E.A.D. White, 7-10.
Derivation of gem names, 11-13.

Volume 7, Number 53, November 1965
Synthetics: J.R. Jones, 5-6.
Crystal growth techniques – Part 4: E.A.D. White, 7-10.
Geology of South Eastern Queensland: M. Russell-Smith, 11.

Volume 7, Number 54, December 1965
Gemstone mining in Thailand: R.H. Ruzic, 5-7.
Where to from here?, 8-11.
Cheap gem testing methods: A.E. Farn, 12-13.

Volume 8 January 1966 – December 1966

Volume 8, Number 55, January 1966
The geological environment of Australian precious opal: P. A. Males, 5-7.
The use of the hand spectroscope in quick gem testing: R. Thurm, 8-11.
We can’t please everybody!, 12-13.

Volume 8, Number 56, February 1966
Developing the powers of observation in gem testing: R.T. Liddicoat Jr., 5-8.
Green quartz and aventurine: P.A. Males, 9-11.
The hand spectroscope (continued from January issue): R. Thurm, 12-13.

Volume 8, Number 57, March 1966
Developing the powers of observation in gem testing – Part 2: R.T. Liddicoat Jr., 5-8.
Mount Franklin, 9, 11.
Diamond awards, 11
Boulders of opal: L.G. Cram, 12-13.
The hand spectroscope: R. Thurm, 14.

Volume 8, Number 58, April 1966
Scientists solve a diamond mystery – Research in South Africa, 5-6.
The terminology of gem colours: C.J. Parsons, 7-9.
Developing the powers of observation in gem testing – Part 3: R.T. Liddicoat Jr., 11.
The pleasures of collecting: G.V. Axon, 12-13.

Volume 8, Number 59, May 1966
Gem testing with a lens – and know-how: A. Farn, 5-8.
Gem lore in oriental mythology: R.H. Ruzik, 9.
The gem cutter: P.W. Leadbeater, 10-11.
The cobra stone – A legend of India, 12.

Volume 8, Number 60, June 1966
Restrictions on opal buying, 4.
Federal president’s address to conference: Professor H.C. Bolton, 5-6.
Cabochon R.I. determined by refractometer, 9.
The cultured pearl – Its history and development to the present day – Part 1: C.D. George, 10- 12.

Volume 8, Number 61, July 1966
Modern pearl culture started in Australia: C.D. George, 5-7.
Release of wartime diamonds, 7.
The cutting of diamonds: R.D. Turner, 10-11.
The basic instruments to start your own gemstone testing: A.E. Farn, 12.

Volume 8, Number 62, August 1966
Pirates at Agate Creek, 5-6.
Diamonds – A rise in price, 6.
The cultured pearl – Production methods: C. D. George, 7-10.
Colour banding in sapphire, 11.

Volume 8, Number 63, September 1966
The sapphire fields of Anakie: O. Andersen, 5-7.
The cultured pearl – Production methods: C.D. George, 8-10.
A new doublet (synthetic spinel & fabulite), 10.
Ornamental stones: R.O. Chalmers, 11-12.
New on the market (opal triplet), 12

Volume 8, Number 64, October 1966
Japan’s pre-eminence in pearl culture: C.D. George, 5-7.
Olivine in Victorian volcanic bombs: A.W. Beasley, 8-9.
Opal pseudomorphs and the candle-box trade From ‘They Struck Opal’: F.E. Murphy, 10-13.

Volume 8, Number 65, November 1966
Some notes on gem mining in Ceylon: L. C. Siedle, 5-7.
Japan’s pre-eminence in pearl culture (continued): C.D. George, 9-11.
Bronzite from Anakie, Queensland: A.M. Taylor, 12-13.

Volume 8, Number 66, December 1966
The nature and origin of opal: P.J. Darragh, A.J. Gaskin, 5-9.
The 11th International Gemmology Conference, Barcelona, 1966: R.O. Chalmers, 10-12.
Australia and gemmology – Nomenclature and trading: A.A. Wirth, 13-14.
Current trends in the pearl industry: C.D. George, 15-18.
Go to Andamooka: G. Woods, 19-21.

Volume 9 January 1967 – November 1967

Volume 9, Number 67, January 1967
Iris-opal from Mexico: J. Sinkankas, 5-7.
Opalised ‘steel band’ from Lightning Ridge, 8. Australia’s position in the pearl industry: C.D. George, 9-10.
11th International Gemmology Conference: K. Cronstedt, 11-13.

Volume 9, Number 68, February 1967
Gemmology on a shoestring: B.W. Anderson, 5- 9.
Gem cutting in Ceylon: L.C. Siedle, 10-12.

Volume 9, Number 69, March 1967
Synthetic diamonds: H.C. Bolton, 5-10.
Gemmology on a shoestring – Part 2: B.W. Anderson, 11-16.

Volume 9, Number 70, April 1967
Massive thulite from Roebourne, WA: A.M. Taylor, 5-6.
Nomenclature and trading Part 2: A.A. Wirth, 7- 9.

Volume 9, Number 71, May 1967
The gemstones of America: G.V. Axon, 5-6.
Nomenclature and trading Part 3: A.A. Wirth, 7- 9.
Watch these green stones: J.H. Oughton, 12-13.

Volume 9, Number 72, June 1967
Geology and gemming: Professor R.T. Prider, 6- 10.
The GAA comes of age: M. Soklich, 11-12.
Technical review: opal geology: J.H. Oughton, 13.

Volume 9, Number 73, July 1967
New light on the world’s rarest gem (taaffeite): M. Symons, 5-6.
Amethyst from Onslow, WA: H.F. Whitworth, 7.
Nomenclature and trading Part 3 (continued): A.A. Wirth, 9-11.

Volume 9, Number 74, August 1967
The origin of negative crystals in gemstones: W.F. Eppler, 6-11.
Nomenclature and trading Part 3 (continued): A.A. Wirth, 15-16.
Ceylonese jewellery through the ages: L.C. Siedle, 17-19.
The very first gemmologist’s compendium: J.H. Oughton, 20-26.

Volume 9, Number 75, November 1967
Synthetic beryllia crystals: N.R. McDonald, 7-9.
Synthetic vanadium emerald: A.M. Taylor, 10-13.
A new taffeite discovered: G.A. Bruce, 14.
Nomenclature and trading Part 3 (continued): A.A. Wirth, 15-17.
Phosphorescence in Australian opal: P.A. Males, 18.
Diffraction gratings: C.K. Coogan, 19-26. Stones seen, 27-28.

Volume 10 February 1968 – November 1970

Volume 10, Number 1, February 1968
Three generations of gem merchants in Ceylon: L.C. Siedle, 7-17.
Gems (a poem): N.P. Jamison, 17
Handling and care of gemstones: G.A. Tombs, 18.
The care and cleaning of jewellery: A. Clark, 19.
Nomenclature and trading Part 3 (continued): A.A. Wirth, 21.
Precious opal in an unusual environment: P. Males, 24.

Volume 10, Number 2, May 1968
Pegmatites and gem minerals: R.T. Prider, 7-10.
The identification of lost or stolen jewellery and gemstones: photography as an aid to recovery: F.B. Cocks, 11-14.
Western Australian emeralds: J.E. Glover, 15- 16.
Natural and synthetic emerald: F.S.H. Tisdall, 18-20.
Nomenclature and trading Part 3 (continued): A.A. Wirth, 21-23.
Stones seen: J.T. Oughton, 24-26.
What is true jade?: G.A. Tombs, 28.
The magic spell of Idar-Oberstein: G. Woods, 29.

Volume 10, Number 3, August 1968
Zoisite: A new and unique gem: G.A. Bruce, 7-8.
The identification of lost or stolen jewellery and gemstones: photography as an aid to recovery Part 2: Photomicrography of inclusions in gemstones: F.B. Cocks, 9-12.
Pseudophite and precious serpentine: P.A. Males, 13-15.
Around his World in 80 years – A tribute to Prof. Dr K. Schlossmacher: R. Wolf, 15.
The Darya-I-Nur diamond and the Tavernier Great Table: V.B. Meen, A.D. Tushingham, G.G. Waite, 16-25.
Stones seen: J.H. Oughton, 26-29.

Volume 10, Number 4, November 1968
The problems of amethyst: A.C. McLaren, 7-9. Opal in volcanic rock: P.A. Males, 9-11.
The Identification of lost or stolen jewellery and gemstones: photography as an aid to recovery Part 3: Photomicrography of inclusions in gemstones: F.B. Cocks, 12-18.
The direct vision spectroscope: J.H. Oughton, 21-27.
Combined light and spectroscope: J.J. Snow, 28-29.
Nomenclature and trading Part 3 (continued): A.A. Wirth, 30-31.
Stones seen: J.H. Oughton, 32-33.

Volume 10, Number 5, February 1969
The alexandrite effect: G.J. Troup, 9-12.
Basil Anderson looks back: B.W. Anderson, 13-20.
Modern reefs: E.A. Sanders, 21-25.
Infra-red photography: J.J. Snow, 26-27.
Stones seen: J.H. Oughton, 28-30.

Volume 10, Number 6, May 1969
Metamorphism and gemstone formation: R.T. Prider, 7-9.
A new occurrence of precious opal of volcanic origin near Mullumbimby: R.O Chalmers, 10- 13.
The first discovery of Australian opal: N. Clayton, 13-14.
Cameos and intaglios: P.W. Leadbeater, 15-17.
Hexagonal diamond – A new crystal form: H.C. Bolton, 18-20.
The 12th International Gemmological Conference October 6-10, 1968, Stockholm: K. Cronstedt, 20-21.
A new polariscope and conoscope: R. Thurm, 22-24.
Stones seen: J.H. Oughton, 29-30.

Volume 10, Number 7, August 1969
Nomenclature and the law: J.H. Oughton, 5-6. Microtextures of Australian chalcedony, chert and jasper: P.A. Males, 9-14.
French government decree to stop fraudulent gem trading, 15-18.
The radiofrequency spectra of gemstones: G.J. Troup, 19-22.
The great Australian amethyst mine: K. Cronstedt, 23-24.
Tiger’s eye and crocidolite: J.H. Oughton, 24.
Stones seen: J.H. Oughton, 26-33.

Volume 10, Number 8, November 1969
Volcanic gem opals: the result of an examination by electron microscope: P.J. Darragh, J.V. Sanders, 5-8.
The Barkley Highway murder: F.B. Cocks, 9-11.
Call them what they are: Esther Hendler’s gem-name crusade: A. Ward, 12-14,
Colour changes in elbaite tourmaline from Ravensthorpe, Western Australia: P.L.C. Grubb, T.H. Donnelly, 15-18.
Electron microprobe analysis: E. Gubelin, 20-25. The absorption spectra and luminescence of the blue, green and yellow colours of synthetic spinels: R. Webster, 27-28.
Boron: An ultra-hard synthetic gem: C.H.L. Kennard, 28-29.
Stones seen: J.H. Oughton, 30-33.

Volume 10, Number 9, February 1970
Forensic problems in jewellery: R. Webster, 7- 13.
The green vault in Dresden: K. Cronstedt, 14-16.
What now for the individual prospector?: A. Stevenson, 17-18.
The publication explosion: P.B. Lapworth, J.H. Oughton, 19-22.
Notes on the application of the electron probe micro-analyser: R.F. Symes, 24-26.
A new synthetic emerald and a simulated diamond, 30.

Volume 10, Number 10, May 1970
Opal in the nickel search in Western Australia: R.T. Prider, 7-11.
A new design for brilliance plus dispersion: S. Suzuki, 13-24.
The N.Q. cut: H. Wheeley, 25-26.
Zircon phenomenon: G.A. Tombs, 26.
The museum: P.W. Leadbeater, 27-29.
Proposal for a Scandinavian diamond nomenclature: G.A. Tombs, 30.
A brief account of the search for diamonds in Australia: A.C.T. Joris, 31-32.

Volume 10, Number 11, August 1970
Yellow sapphire – Natural or synthetic: J.H. Oughton, 5-8.
A method for differentiation of natural from synthetic yellow sapphires: D.H. McColl, 9-11.
Synthetic gem diamonds, 12.
Some recent advances in scientific understanding of gemstones: H.C. Bolton, 13-16.
Fingerprinting of jewellery: R. Webster, 17-23.
Stones seen: J.H. Oughton, 24-25.
Look through your magnifying glass: R. Wolf, 29-30.
The individual prospector: C.H. Coodall, 31.

Volume 10, Number 12, November 1970
The first gem quality synthetic diamonds grown by GEC scientists, 5-7.
Several simple tests can identify the man-made diamonds: R. Crowningshield, 7-9.
A case for international agreement about ruby: J.H. Oughton, 10-11.
What exactly is ruby?: P.B. Lapworth, J.H. Oughton, 11-14.
Legal recognition of the Diploma: P.W. Leadbeater, 15.
Stones seen: J.H. Oughton, 20-21.
Ultimate gem authority, 26

Volume 11 February 1971 – November 1973

Volume 11, Number 1, February 1971
The spectroscope: measuring wavelengths without a built-in scale: H.A. Mortley, 3-4, 27.
A geological curiosity: C.A. Schiffrnann, 5-8, 26.
Modern synthetic gemstones, Part 1 (A-L): R. Webster, 9-24.
Stones seen: J.H. Oughton, 25.

Volume 11, Number 2, May 1971
Mineralogy and metallurgy of gold: H.W. Fander, 3-4.
Gemstones in the system BeO-MgO-A12O3: D.R. Hudson, 5-9.
Modern synthetic gemstones, Part 11 (M-Z): R. Webster, 11-22.
The classification of black opal: N.S.W. Opal Research Group, 24.
Some thoughts on opal: J.H. Oughton, 24.
A basis for classification (opal): N. Clayton, 25-26.
GAA definition of black opal, 26.
The myth of the Geierstein opal: P.B. Lapworth,27, 32.
Comments on ‘A new design for brilliance plus dispersion’: W.R. Eulitz, 28-32.

Volume 11, Number 3, August 1971
More confusion with synthetic yellow sapphire: D. McColl, J.H. Oughton, 3-5.
Key for identification of common cut and uncut gemstones: D.R. Hudson, 6-7.
Diamonds from seawater: P.W. Leadbeater, 8- 10.
A century of sapphire mining: O. Anderson, 11- 20.
A scanning microscope study of the morphology of opal: E.R. Segnit, C.A. Anderson, J.B. Jones, 21-25.
Stones seen: J.H. Oughton, 26-27.

Volume 11, Number 4, November 1971
Adhesives: H.W. Fander, 3-4.
A problem in diamonds: R. Webster, 5-6. Photomicrography without a camera: C. Lang, 7-12.
Discourse on valuation principles: G.A. Tombs, 13-16.
Black opal nomenclature: A. Kalokerinos, 16.
Fakes and frauds – Caveat Emptor: J.H. Oughton, 17-22.
Reply to Dr Eulitz’s comment: S. Suzuki, 25-27.
Spotted matrix opal: P.A. Males, 27-28.
Big WA emerald crystal: H.R. Perry, 29.

Volume 11, Number 5, February 1972
Rutilated quartz and ilmenite: P.A. Males, 3-4.
Another colour-changing sapphire: J.H. Oughton, 4.
Gemstones in the system BeO-MgO-A12O3-SiO2: D.R. Hudson, 5-7.
Brazilianite: R.J. Reeve, 8-10.
New occurrences of gem minerals in Australia: R.O. Chalmers, 10-12.
Labradorite location in central Queensland: J.H. Oughton, 12.
Red diamonds from Siberia: International Diamonds Annual, 14-20.
The Scandinavian diamond nomenclature: H. Tillander, 21-22.
Opal nomenclature discussion, 23-24.
Stones seen: J.H. Oughton, 26-28.

Volume 11, Number 6, May 1972
Some experiences and investigations into damage to gem materials: R. Webster, 3-8.
Valuation principles as applied to coloured gemstones: G.A. Tombs, 9-14.
Doublets: A continuing factor in the gemstone market: P.C. Callaway, 15-17.
Are you sure it’s topaz?: F.H. Pough, 17-19.
Russian synthetic diamond made in 1967, 19.
Wrong to use Mohs to measure hardness?: The Canadian Jeweller, 20-22.
Fluorite: H.W. Fander, 25.

Volume 11, Number 7, August 1972
Why crystallography?: P.A. Males, 4-6.
The law and the role of gemmology: R. Webster, 7-16.
Lightning Ridge nobbies and the ‘Chinaman’s hat’: P.A. Males, 17-18.
Gemmology in Japan: D. McLoughlin, 18-19.
Optical and radio frequency spectroscopy of impurities in blue zoisite: P.J. Beckwith, D.R.
Hutton, G.J. Troup, 20-22.
New mosaic triplet: S. Suzuki, 23, 32.
Introduction of gemmology: Part 1. Basic chemistry: GAA (Victorian Branch), 24-27.

Volume 11, Number 8, November 1972
Inclusions in gemstones: E. Guebelin, 3-14.
Diamond, YAG and other simulants: J.H. Oughton, 15-18.
Meet Tanzania’s fancy sapphires: F.H. Pough, 19-21.
Stones seen, 23-28.

Volume 11, Number 9, February 1973
Some archaic instruments in present day use: J.H. Oughton, 4-13.
A new style of Rayner refractometer (Dialdex): J.H. Oughton, 14.
Inclusions in opal: investigation of crystal inclusions in a black potch ‘nobby’ from Lightning Ridge, NSW: P.A. Males, 15-16.
What is this thing called hardness?: V.J. Hearnes, 16-17.

Volume 11, Number 10, May 1973
Amber, the gold of the North: E.R. Sasnaitis, 3-7.
The 14th International Gemmological Conference, Switzerland: K. Cronstedt, 11-13.
Sapphire mining in northern New South Wales: T.S. Coldham, 14-19.
Intriguing discoveries about growth in diamonds: S. Tolansky, 21-25.
New England rubies: J.H. Oughton, 27.
Stones seen, 28-31.

Volume 11, Number 11, August 1973
Observations on historical shapes of gem diamond: H. Tillander, 3-6.
Irradiation of gemstones: I.A. Mumme, 7-10.
Synthetics – Their production and detection: J.L. O’Loughlin, 11-13.
Sapphire mining in New South Wales: A.A. MacNevin, 14-16.
Precious opal – Developments towards synthesis: P.J. Darragh, J.L. Perdrix, 17-21.
Diamond prospecting: M.J. Lawrence, 22-29.
Opal classification: J.H. Oughton, 31.

Volume 11, Number 12, November 1973
Gems of special importance in the great museum collections: H.J. Schubnel, 3-10.
The art of Niello: D. McLoughlin, 11-15.
Scanning electron microscopy and opals: R.A. Ball and A.S. Malin, 16-19.
A member of the ugrandite garnet series found in Western Australia: R.L. Burns, 19 -20.
Some gem-bearing pegmatites near Coolgardie, WA: R.J. Reeve, 21-22.
Stones seen: J.H. Oughton, 25-27.

Volume 12 February 1974 – November 1976

Volume 12, Number 1, February 1974
Gemmology under difficulties: W. Gower, 3-4.
Gem quality kyanite crystals from the Harts Range, Northern Territory: P.A. Males, 5-8.
Stones seen and discussed, 9-10.
Ilmenite crystals associated with rutilated quartz, from Brazil: P.A. Males, 11-12.
Real synthetic alexandrite! & paramagnetic star diopside, 13.
Iridescence in marine shells: R.A. Ball, A.S. Malin, 14-15.
Some thoughts about agate formations of Scotland: S. Sim, 16-19.

Volume 12, Number 2, May 1974
Gemstones in and out of the Australian Museum collections: F.L. Sutherland, J.E. Hingley, 31- 35.
“1925 … and all that”: B.W. Anderson, 36-41.
The jet age: Professor C. E. Marshall, 42-55.
Discussion on agate: R.A. Ball, 55.
Brazilian precious opal: P.A. Males, 56-57.

Volume 12, Number 3, August 1974
Short cuts to certainty: B.W. Anderson, 71-74.
A gemmological study of emerald from Poona, WA: J.M. Graindorge, 75-80.
‘Pilbarra jade’: H.W. Fander, 80.
Synthetic diamonds: H.C. Bolton, 81-83.
Industrial diamonds: G.J. Gellie, 84-88.
Liesegang rings: R.A. Ball, 89-91.
Mexican onyx and other marbles: P.A. Males, 92-94.
Synthetic-like fluorescence in a natural sapphire: G. Tombs, 94.
Further comments on the double dispersion design: S. Suzuki, 95-97.
Consumer protection in the limelight: J.H. Oughton, 98,101.

Volume 12, Number 4, November 1974
Treated stones: J.H. Oughton, 111-118.
A survey of some research work on impurities in gems: C.M. Scala, 119-124.
Peridot on Ross Island, Antarctica: A.T. Wilson, C.H. Hendy, A.M.Taylor, 124-125.
“Pilbara jade”: D.R. Hudson, 127-133.
The phantom table: P.W. Leadbeater, 135.
New mining legislation in New South Wales, 140.

Volume 12, Number 5, February 1975
Agate Part 1: A review – Genesis and structure: R.A. Ball, R.L. Burns, 143-150.
Emerald occurrence near Menzies, Western Australia: G.B. Whitfield, 150-152.
Classification and nomenclature of precious opal: N.A. Clayton, 152-154.
Precious opal in Queensland: B.R. Senior, 155.
The discovery of cap-quartz in northern NSW, Australia: R.E. Brown, 156-159.
Electromagnetic resonance in yellow sapphires: E.N. Barrington, 159-160.
A definitive test for golden sapphires: C.M. Scala, D.R. Hutton, 160-161.
Jade imitators: J.H. Oughton, 161.

Volume 12, Number 6, May 1975
Opal from Coolgardie, Western Australia: R.A. Ball, 171-173.
Rocks, gems and minerals of Olary: I.A. Mumme, 173-178.
Notes on identification of Gilson synthetic opals: G.A. Tombs, 179-180.
Opal references and abstracts: R.A. Ball, N. Clayton, 181-189.
Stones seen in shop windows: L. Sabine, 191- 192.

Volume 12, Number 7, August 1975
Quo Vadis, Gemmarius?: C.E. Marshall, 203- 208.
Chinaman’s hats: K.A. Sheens, 208-209.
Stones seen: K. Cronstedt, 209.
Crystallography is fun: J. & P. Sutton, 210-220.
Nephrite jade deposits, Cowell, South Australia: D. Nichol, 220-221.
New synthetic gems set a problem: J.H. Oughton, 222-226.

Volume 12, Number 8, November 1975
On the origin of volcanic opal from Houghlahan’s Creek: I.A. Mumme, L. Seibright, R. Ball, 235- 240.
The radiopacity of some common gem materials: G. Brown, A.J. Moule. R.L. O’Neil, 241-247.
Jet: P. Lapworth, 248-250.
Mineral collecting: W. Birch, 251-252.
Stones seen: L. Hennessy, C. Eglington, 258.

Volume 12, Number 9, February 1976
J.H. Oughton Memorial Issue
A tribute to John H. Oughton: R. Wolf, 264.
The late J.H. Oughton: P.B. Lapworth, 265-266.
Fakes and frauds – Caveat Emptor: J.H. Oughton, 267-272.
Diamond, YAG and other simulants: J.H. Oughton, 272-275.
The direct vision spectroscope: J.H. Oughton, 276-282.
Where to from here?: J.H. Oughton, 283-285.
A review of the thermal properties of natural gem diamonds: P.R.W. Hudson, 286-290.

Volume 12, Number 10, May 1976
Gold in jewellery: M.J. Cole, 299-302.
Quartz polyhedroids in Australia: B.M. England, 303-306.
Thailand – Gem cutting and trading: J.A.L. Pavitt, 307-309, 318.
Ruby corundum from the Harts Range, NT: P.A. Males, 310-312.

Volume 12, Number 11, August 1976
Calculating radio radiopacity: H. Magryn, 323- 326.
Indonesian opal: B. O’Leary, R.A. Ball, 327-329. Stones seen, 330.
Horn – Some aspects of interest to gemmologists: G. Brown, 331-338.
The electropolishing of precious metals and their alloys: J.M. Newburn, 339-346.

Volume 12, Number 12, November 1976
Opal in south western Queensland: R.A. Ball, A. Daniels, 359-363.
Two interesting zinc minerals: M.J. O’Donoghue, 364.
Emeralds – Three for $1.50: B. Chambers, 365- 370.
Two new precious corals from Hawaii: G. Brown, 371-377.
Abstracts of the 25th International Geological Congress, 378-382.

Volume 13 February 1977 – November 1979

Volume 13, Number 1, February 1977
Black opal: B. O’Leary, 3-11.
The structural characteristics of elephant ivory: G. Brown, A.J. Moule, 13-17.
GIA debuts new educational centre, 19.
The geology of the moon: A.J.W. Gleadow, 22-27.

Volume 13, Number 2, May 1977
Black coral – True or false: G. Brown, 35-41.
The ‘jeweller’s eye’: R. Webster, 43-46.
Drought bonanza for prospectors, 46.
The structural characteristics of various ivories: G. Brown, A.J. Moule, 47-60.
Did you know?, 62-64.

Volume 13, Number 3, August 1977
A goldsmith’s workshop in Roman Britain: P.A. Clayton, 67-69.
Paste or glass: J. Snow, 71-74.
How to buy a pearl: E. Kihara, 75-77.
The alteration of colour of gemstones: E. Skinner-Nixon, 85-88.

Volume 13, Number 4, November 1977
Some exotic minerals of western Tasmania: W.E. Baker, 99-103.
Natural or synthetic opal?: R.A. Ball, 104-105.
Electron spin resonance of emeralds: D.R. Hutton, E.N. Barrington, 107-108, 117-118.
Synthetic opal: P.J. Darragh, A.J. Gaskin, J.V. Sanders, 109-116.
Viking treasures, 120.
That looks interesting let’s put it under the microscope: D. Smith, 121-126.
The atomic lattice of gold: Gold Bulletin, 127.

Volume 13, Number 5, February 1978
Identification of synthetic opal: R.A. Ball, 131- 133.
The burinut – A new source of vegetable ivory: G. Brown, 134-140.
Why a diamond?: Adamas, 141-143.
Historical diamonds – Dresden Green: De Beers Consolidated Mines, 144-145.
Slocum stone: P.J. Darragh, J.V. Sanders, 146-148.
From Russia with ‘kimberlite’: Retail Jeweller, 150.
Opium dealers are switching to jade, Retail Jeweller, 153-155.
Imitation opal: R.A. Ball, 156-158.
The first tool of gemmology won’t cost you a penny: W.D. Hanneman, 159-160.
Volume 13, Number 6, May 1978
A question of colour: A. Farn, 163-165.
New diamond simulant may fool the unwary: A. Hodgkinson, 165-168.
Coral returns to fashion: Retail Jeweller, 169-171.
Notes on sapphires from stream gravels at Frazer’s Creek in Glen Innes area, NSW: I.A. Mumme, R.A. Ball, 173-175.
Gamma-ray spectrophotometry (corundum), 176.
The Little River sapphire lease: I.A. Mumme, 177-179, 182-185.
Historical diamonds (Idol’s eye, Hope): De Beers Consolidated Mines, 180-181.
Heat treatment of Australian blue sapphires: G.A. Tombs, 186-188.

Volume 13, Number 7, August 1978
The refractory metamorphic gemstones of Australia: A.F. Wilson, 203-209.
A note on the structure of the fire agate: R.A. Ball, 210-211.
AJA-GAA co-operation – Fact or mythology: G. Brown, 213-218.
Historical diamonds: De Beers consolidated Mines, 220-221.
The star of Sierra Leone: De Beers Consolidated Mines, 222-224.
Kauri gum: G. Brown, 225-231.
Idar-Oberstein: S. & H. Martin, 232-235.
Irradiation of gemstones: I. Mumme, 236.
The production of interference by the Figure-O-Scope: J. Snow, 237.
The identification of some rare organic gem materials: G. Brown, 238-239.

Volume 13, Number 8, November 1978
Before the gems came the crystals: A.E. Alexander, 247-250.
Crystal imperfections in natural gem diamond: P.R.W. Hudson, 253-258.
Recognition of synthetic opal: N.P. Jamieson, 259-260.
Gemmological literature you should read: G. Brown, 261-262.
On diamonds: De Beers consolidated Mines, 263-270.
New opal imitation: Gemmological Study Group, G. Brown, 273.
The colouration of Mt. Surprise topaz by gamma irradiation: I.A. Mumme, L. Seibright, 274- 277.
Testing by touch: J.C. Ellison, 279-279.
The Far Eastern gem deposits: A.E. Alexander, 280-284.
How to feel the difference between a diamond and a cubic zirconia: H. Anderson, 285-286.

Volume 13, Number 9, February 1979
Rhodonite or pink jasper: R.B. Kelly, 291-295. Porous Gilson synthetic black opal: A.D.C Robertson, 297-299.
The use of the Figure-O-Scope in gemmology: J.J. Snow, 301-306.
Opal references and abstracts – Part II: R.A. Ball, N. Clayton, 307-310.

Volume 13, Number 10, May 1979
Why sapphires from Sri Lanka differ from those from Australia: A.F. Wilson, 315-317.
Designed to detect Djevalite: Retail Jeweller, 317-318.
Amethyst – Natural or not?: R.A. Powell, 321- 323.
The hazards of gemmology: G. Brown, 325-329.
Production of zirconia and other synthetic gem materials by the ‘skull’ melting technique: I.A. Mumme, 333-334.
Opal references and abstracts – Part II (continued): R.A. Ball, N. Clayton, 334-336.

Volume 13, Number 11, August 1979
Diamond – True or false?: G. Brown, 341-351, 354-358.
Organic gem materials – What to look for: G. Brown, D. Lund, 352-353.
Treated Brazilian opal: G. Brown, J. Snow, 359- 361.
Opals from the air: Uniken, 362.
Opal references and abstracts – Part II (continued): R.A. Ball, N. Clayton, 363-366.

Volume 13, Number 12, November 1979
Natural and radiation induced colouration of smoky quartz: R. Powell, 373-378.
Sapphire and silk: R.A. Ball. I.A. Mumme, 379- 381
Suggestions for nomenclature of opals: J.D. Altmann, 383-385.
Synthetic opal for natural opal!: R.A. Ball, 386.
A note on the serpentine in Lucknow, NSW: R. Powell, 387.
An unusual agate: R.A. Ball, 390.
Corallium precious corals: G. Brown, 391-400.

Volume 14 February 1980 – November 1982

Volume 14, Number 1, February 1980
Pleochroscopes – Their theoretical and practical application to gemmology: J.B. Taylor, 3-12.
Corallium precious corals (Part Two): G. Brown, 14-19.

Volume 14, Number 2, May 1980
An evaluation of the Dipro® Diamond Testing Probe: G. Brown, J. Snow, B. Taylor, 3-9.
Modern methods of gemstone colouration: I. Mumme, 10-11.
The determination of the maximum and minimum refractive indices of a gemstone: W.H. Thompson, 13-15.
The opal – Gem of mystery, 18-19.

Volume 14, Number 3, August 1980
Inclusions in NSW gemstones: E.L. Stevens, 23- 26.
Gill’s index: E. Gubelin, 27.
The radiographic features of Keshi pearls: G. Brown, 28-29.
Natural and man induced irradiation of diamond – Possible identification between irradiation types: G.A. Tombs, 30-32.
The International Gemmological Conference – Idar-Oberstein: G.A. Tombs, 32-35.
An examination of a clam pearl: G. Brown, 38-40.
An evaluation of the Gem Instrument Corporation’s Gem Diamond Pen: G. Brown, 42-46.
Thermal conduction in gemstones – Part 1: Oscillations induced by dry ice: R. Thwaite, J. James, S. Goldsmid, 47-48
Thermal conduction in gemstones – Part 2: A simple thermal comparator: H.J. Goldsmid, S.E. Goldsmid, 49-51.

Volume 14, Number 4, November 1980
Nephrite jade from Cowell, South Australia: R.A. Ball, 53-56.
Metamorphic processes in gemstone formation: A.F. Wilson, 57-63.
Further thoughts and questions on Australian sapphires, their composition and treatment: G. Tombs, 64-65.
An evaluation of the Krüss portable microscope: G. Brown, J. Snow, 69-72.
Battery powered light sources for hand lenses: G. Brown, J. Snow, 73-75.
An attempt to assess the recent popularity of different gems: J.N. Butler, 77-82.

Volume 14, Number 5, February 1981
How it works: The Stott dichroscope: C.R. Stott, 85-86.
Stones seen, 86.
Magnetic resonance distinction between synthetic and natural blue sapphire: C.O. Anderson, D.R. Hutton, G.J Troup, 87-89.
An evaluation of the Snow pocket polariscope: G. Brow, 90-91.
Examination of a prehnite cat’s eye: G. Brown, J. Snow, 93-96.
An evaluation of the Snow dichroscope: G. Brown, 97-99.
Examination of two Iimori imitations: G. Brown, J. Snow, 100-105.
Man-made gems – What’s next?: M. O’Donoghue, 106-108.

Volume 14, Number 6, May 1981
Where have all our answers gone? Or let me introduce you to Gill’s Index: J.O. Gill, 117- 119.
An evaluation of the Gemlusta® reflectometer: Instrument Evaluation Committee, 120-126.
Chrysocolla – A little known gemstone: A.D. Robertson, 127-129.
Examination of a fossil pearl: G. Brown, 131- 134.
Some observations on goldstone: G. Brown, J. Snow, 139-140.
The determination of the maximum and minimum refractive indices of a gemstone (continued): W.H. Thompsom, 142-143.

Volume 14, Number 7, August 1981
The Biwa pearl: G. Brown, 153-156.
Reflections on the use of the hand spectroscope: G.M. Pearson, 157-159.
Stones seen: Amber Inclusion, 160.
Jelly opal from White Cliffs: J.V. Sanders, 161-165.
Computers and gemmology: E.N. Barrington, 166-168.
An evaluation of the Presidium® Gem Tester: G. Brown, B. Taylor, J. Snow, 169-176.

Volume 14, Number 8, November 1981
So you think you have a new mineral!: E.H. Nickel, 181-184.
The Biwa pearl – Part 2: G. Brown, 186-193.
Determination of refractive indices: H.C. Wickett, 194.
An evaluation of the Gemlusta® reflectometer – The model GL400X Gemlusta® reflectometer: B. Taylor, G. Brown, J. Snow, 196-199.
SWUV diaphanity of ruby: G. Brown, 200-203.
Golden corals – A brief note: G. Brown, 204-208.

Volume 14, Number 9, February 1982
New synthetic opal made of plastics: N. Horiuchi, 213-218.
‘Star’ diamond: P. Humble, 219-220.
The golden jubilee of the GAGB: P.B. Lapworth, 220-221.
Three brief evaluations (instruments): G. Brown, J. Snow, 223-228.
White nephrite: R.A. Ball, L. Hennessy, 228-229.
An examination of the Cathaystone® Cat’s-eye: J. Snow, H. Bracewell, G.brown, 230-232.
The hand lens: J.J. Snow, 233-237.

Volume 14, Number 10, May 1982
Chudleigh Park peridot: G. Brown, H. Bracewell, 253-256.
The Portalab®: G. Brown, J. Snow, 258-263.
Examination of a cat’s-eye iolite: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, A. Main, 264-265.
Further studies on iridescence of marine shells: R.A. Ball, 266-271.
An interesting amber imitation: G. Brown, 272-273.
Leichleitner coated beryl inclusions: G. Brown, 274-275.

Volume 14, Number 11, August 1982
The genesis of noble metal nuggets: A.F. Wilson, 285-288.
Identifying turquoise: G. Brown, 289-299.
Surface topography of gem crystals: R.F. Brightman, 300-304.
Common opal and potch opal: R.A. Ball, 305-310.
The AIGS Master Viewer: G. Brown, J. Snow, 311.

Volume 14, Number 12, November 1982
Stones seen – Viridine with a low R.I.: R.F. Brightman, 322-323.
Honey opal: R.A. Ball, 324-325.
Mt. Surprise topaz: G. Brown H. Bracewell, S.M.B. Kelly, 326-333.
Examination of an unusual item of ‘native’ jewellery: G. Brown, J. Snow, D. Lund, 334-337.
The quartz minerals of the Redcliffe Peninsula: J.N. Butler, 338-341.
A new synthetic emerald: P.J. Darragh, M.J. Willing, 344.
More synthetic opal: G.A. Tombs, W.J. Joris, 345.
The approximate iron content of some sapphires: G. Pearson, 347-349.

Volume 15 February 1983 – November 1985

Volume 15, Number 1, February 1983
Elucidating the optical theory of chatoyancy and asterism: A. Wuthrich, M. Weibel, E. Gubelin, 3-5.
Harts Range hessonite: H. Bracewell, G. Brown, 6-10.
Precious opal from New Zealand: R.A. Ball, 12- 16.
Seismic gem prospecting: G. Pearson, 17-18.
A new synthetic emerald: G.A. Tombs, 24-26.

Volume 15, Number 2, May 1983
Rhinoceros horn: G. Brown, 38-43.
X-Irradiation of spodumene: G. Pearson, 45.
Gem azurite from the Eclipse mine – Chillagoe area, Queensland: A.D. Robertson, 46-49.
Gutta-percha: G. Brown, A. J. Moule, 50-52.
Mt Isa Iolite: G. Brown, H. Bracewell, 53-55.
The Regency® synthetic emerald: G. Brown, J. Snow, 57-60.

Volume 15, Number 3, August 1983
Certification of opal: G. Sherman, 71-73.
A proposal for the classification of opals: J.V. Sanders, 75-78.
The assessment of gemstone colours: G. Brown, 81-89.
The quantitative evaluation of the colour of diamonds: Abstract, Journal of the Gemmological Society of Japan, 91-92.

Volume 15, Number 4, November 1983
Twenty-five years on: J.R. Holdsworth: 103.
Direct x-radiography of pearls: G. Brown, 105-121.
Diamond grading system foundations and comparisons: G. Tombs, 124-127.
The Kyowa GR1 gemmological refractometer: J. Snow, G. Brown, 130-132.

Volume 15, Number 5, February 1984
The diamond industry: J.E. Roux, 143-148.
Inclusions in synthetic corundum by Chatham: G. Brown, 149-154.
An unusual cultured pearl necklace: G. Brown, H. Mendis, 155-157.
Bits & Pieces: G. Brown, J. Snow, 158-163.
Negative inclusions in zircon from Anakie, Queensland: A.D. Robertson, 164,166.
Inclusions in Biron® synthetic emeralds: G. Brown, J. Snow, 167-171.

Volume 15, Number 6, May 1984
Experimental pearl radiography: G. Brown, N. Wainwright-Smith, 182-188.
Turquoise or chrysocolla from the Jervois area: H. Bracewell, G. Brown, 189-195.
The Seward gemmological microscope: G. Brown, 196.
National FF-393E Light Scope: G. Brown, J. Snow, B. Taylor, 197-199.
A schrimshaw imitation: N.A. Clayton, G. Brown, J. Snow, 201-205.
Korite®: G. Brown, 206-208.

Volume 15, Number 7, August 1984
The Australian ideal design for round brilliants: M. Connellan, L. Pozzibon, 219-226, 243- 246.
Emerald from the Kitwe district, Zambia: G. Graziani, E. Gubelin, S. Lucchesi, 227-234.
Mineral inclusions in Zambian emeralds: J.I. Koivula, 235-239.
Stones seen – Mystery cabochons: D. Sandeman, 240.
Chrysoberyl from Anakie: R. Brightman, 241- 242.

Volume 15, Number 8, November 1984
LED refractometer light sources: J. Snow, G. Brown, 255-257.
Facetable prehnite: R. Beattie, G. Brown, 258.
The Snow gemmological spectroscope: G. Brown, 259-262.
Harts Range sunstone: G. Brown, H. Bracewell, 263-274.
Alexandrite-chrysoberyl from Zimbabwe: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, 275-278.
Surface repaired rubies: R.W. Hughes, 279-280.
Two new thermal testers: G. Brown, J. Snow, 281-285.

Volume 15, Number 9, February 1985
Asterism: The great enigma: M. Connellan, L. Pozzebon, 295-306.
Recording gemstone absorption spectra: G. Brown, 308-309.
Black opal: A brief review: R.A. Ball, 310-314.
Synthetic or imitation: G. Brown, 319-321.
A red Hi-superbright LED refractometer light source: J. Snow, G. Brown, 322-324.

Volume 15, Number 10, May 1985
Properties of ornamental stones and their gemmological identification: E. Gubelin
1. The hardness scale, 337
2. Streak colours, 338
3. Absorption spectra, 342
4. Fluorescence colours, 344
5. The Becke Line test, 347
6. The identification tables arranged in colour groupings, 348
7. Cryptocrystalline quartz varieties, 382
8. Serpentine group properties, 386.

Volume 15, Number 11, August 1985
Asterism: A.R. Moon, M.R. Phillips, 395-399.
Abalone and its pearls: G. Brown, 400-403.
Amazonite from the Koppio District, South Australia: H. Bracewell, G. Brown, 404-408.
Bush amethyst: G. Pearson, 408-409.
Nakazumi synthetic star corundum: J. Snow, J. Sanders, G. Brown, 410-412.
Identifying Gilson’s polycrystalline lapidary materials: G. Brown, 413-417.
Seiko synthetics: G. Brown, 418-420.
Australian ideal design: Comments by G. & M. Vargas, 421-424.

Volume 15, Number 12, November 1985
Role of water in cracking of opal: G. Pearson, 435-445.
Jade: G. Tombs, 445-447.
Some information on the Kashmir sapphire: G. Brown, D. Hamid, S.M.B. Kelly, 448-449.
Angles: E.T. Steller, 450 453.
Green dyed ‘crackled’ beryl: G. Brown, J. Snow, 454-455.
Conversion kits for in-built LED refractometer light sources: G. Brown, 456-458.
The RELite refractometer light source: G. Brown, J. Snow, 458-459.
Nummite: O. Dragsted, 461.
Methods for the distinction of natural and synthetic amethysts: Th. Lind, K. Schmetzer, H. Bank, 462-470.

Volume 16 February 1986 – November 1988

Volume 16, Number 1, February 1986
On the origin of blue sapphire from Elahera, Sri Lanka: G. Heilmann, U. Henn, 2-4.
Bowesite: A new lapidary material from Australia: S.M.B. Kelly, 5-8.
The Gemlusta GL 500P reflectometer: G. Brown, J. Snow, B. Taylor, 9-10.
The hardness of Australian diamonds: C.R. Baker, 11-12.
Report on 20th I.G.C., Sydney, 12-13.
Presidium DiaMeter: G. Brown, 17.
Facetable bowenite: R. Beattie, G. Brown, 25-27.

Volume 16, Number 2, May 1986
The Proceedings of the 20th IGC, Sydney – Part 1
Gem minerals from the Embilipitiya and Kataragama areas in Sri Lanka: P.C. Zwaan, 35-40.
Examination of surface features of Argyle diamonds from Western Australia: G.A. Tombs, B. Sechos, 41-44.
Opal from Mexico: E. Gubelin, 45-51.
Review of the geology of the gemstones of Sri Lanka: M.B. Katz, 52-56.
Minerals and gemstones of Pakistan: C. Kovak, 57-59.
Gemstones in China – Especially jade and similar stones: A. Chikayama, 60-63.
Quantitative cathodoluminescence of gemstones: J. Ponahjo, T. Koroschetz, 64-71.
Observation and differentiation of natural and synthetic quartz using laser tomography: K. Sato, 72-80.
Abstracts – Part 1, 80-83.

Volume 16, Number 3, August 1986
The Proceedings of the 20th IGC, Sydney – Part 2
Study of scapolite, corundum and spinel crystals from the Tissamaharama Area, Sri Lanka: R. Vochten, E. De Grave, P.C. Zwaan, 91-94.
Production techniques of commercially available gem rubies: K. Schmetzer, 95-100.
Gemstones of the Beechworth area: W.D. Birch, 101-106.
Modes of occurrence of emeralds in Australia: I.A. Mumme, 106-108.
Limitations to the spectroscopic identification of a treated diamond: L.A. Schiffman, 108-109.
Gem deposits in Sri Lanka – Recent discoveries: E.G.G. Zoysa, 110-114.
Blue-green apatite from Gravelotte, South Africa: G. Remaut, R. Vochten, 115-116.
Abstracts – Part 2, 116-121, 128-129.
Inclusions in Australian sapphire before and after heat treatment: T.S. Coldham, 122-125.
Colour zoning in natural and synthetic materials: A. Ghera, G. Graziani, S. Lucchesi, M. Martini, 125-127.

Volume 16, Number 4, November 1986
An unusual Keshi pearl: G. Brown, 139-140. Hollandite in quartz: J.I. Koivula, C.W. Fryer, 141-142.
Opal pineapples from White Cliffs: G. Pearson, 143-150.
Boulder opal triplet: R. Brightman, D. Sandeman, 151-152.
The gemmology of the shell cameo: G. Brown, 153-161.
Inclusions in sapphire and heat treatment: A.R. Moon, M.R. Phillips, 163-166.

Volume 16, Number 5, February 1987
Some more on crystal opal: B. O’Leary, 175-177. Ivorina: A new ivory imitation: G. Brown, 178-180.
Decorative serpentinite from the Marble Bar area: E.R. Segnit, 182-183.
Fluorite and its inclusions: E.J. Gubelin, J.I. Koivula, 184-187.
Structural aspects of fingerprint inclusions in corundum: Tay Thye Sun, 188-190.
Inclusion related iron theft in amethyst: J.I. KoivuIa, 191-192.
Production techniques – Knischka synthetic rubies: K. Schmetzer, 192-194.
Miscellany: jet; plastic imitation Biwas; Australian colour-changing sapphire; Orissa garnet; Australian synthetic opal: G. Brown, J. Snow, S.M.B. Kelly, 195-198.

Volume 16, Number 6, May 1987
Presidential address to conference: G.A. Tombs, 211-212.
A system for the evaluation of opal: Capt. S.O. Haugen, 213-216.
Inclusions in yellow chrysoberyl, natural and synthetic alexandrite: U. Henn, 217-220.
The origin of sapphire in northeastern NSW: S.R. Pecover, 221.
The structure of sedimentary opal: Editor, 222.
Notes on Tasmanian gemstones: C. Thrower, D. Steane, 223-224.
Pink and violet sapphires from Nepal: L. Kiefert, K. Schmetzer, 225-230.
Citron chrysoprase: G. Brown, H. Bracewell, 231-233.
A new synthetic emerald: S.M.B. KelIv, G. Brown, 237-238.
New gems from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka: E. G. Zovsa, 239-241.
Resin bonded malachite: R. Brightman, M-L. Willheim, 239-240.

Volume 16, Number 7, August 1987
A new ‘spot reading’ technique for the refractometer: G.S. Walker, 253-256.
Pronounced flow structure in an Australian opal: J.I. Koivula, 257-258.
The plastic coating of gemstones: R.W. Hughes, 259-261.
A copal resin necklace: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, 263-266.
Gemmological jottings: turquoise, scrimshaw, synthetic jelly opal, imitation gold coral; diamond probe: G. Brown, J. Snow, 267-270.
Goethite inclusion alteration: A test for ‘fired’ citrine quartz: J.I. Koivula, 271-272.
Colour grading coloured stones: F.A. Rundle, 272-279.

Volume 16, Number 8, November 1987
Review of jade in South Australia: J.G. Olliver, 283-28286
Gemmology study club lab reports; G. Brown, J. Snow, 287-292.
LWUV fluorescence of gemstones: J. Snow, G. Snow, 296-300.
Pyrite in Canadian ammonite: J.I. Koivula, 304- 307.
A new treatment for turquoise: G. Brown, J. Snow, J. Lamb, 307-309.
Sapphires: Geological Survey of NSW, 309.

Volume 16, Number 9, February 1988
Argyle champagne diamonds: G. Brown, 319- 322.
Precious opal at Coober Pedy: R.S. Robertson, D.C. Scott, 323-327.
Diagnostic properties of the latest synthetic stones: E. Gubelin, 329-341, 344-345.
Sri Lankan ekanite: J. Snow, G. Brown, 346-348.
Manganoan sugilite: G. Wigmore, 351.

Volume 16, Number 10, May 1988
Presidential address: G.A. Tombs, 359
A coconut pearl?: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, J. Snow, 361-362.
Origin of cat’s-eye effect in heat-treated zircons: H.A. Hann?, M. Weibel, 363-366.
Paua shell: G. Brown, 367-370.
Hematite imitation: G. Brown, J. Snow, 371-373.
Numerical approach to gem identification: H.S. Pienaar, 374-378.
A jade miscellany: G. Brown, J. Snow, 381-385.

Volume 16, Number 11, August 1988
Identification of ruby by E.S.R.: D.R. Hutton, G.J. Troup, 399-340.
New Zealand Aurora shell: G. Brown, A.J. McCabe, 401-407.
The A.E. Alexander Gavel: H. Bracewell, 407- 408.
Is it amber?: J. Snow, G. Brown, 409-416.
Heat treatment of ruby: S.J.A. Currie, 417-418.
Verneuil sapphire with induced fractures: G. Brown, 419-421.
The EW-120SG electronic densimeter: G. Brown, J. Snow, 422-423.
Study Club lab reports; G. Brown, J. Snow, 424-429.

Volume 16, Number 12, November 1988
The Diamond Selecter II: G. Brown, J. Snow, 440-442.
The Pool emerald: G. Brown, J. Snow, 443-449.
Bamboo coral: G. Brown, 449-454.
Gem Tourmaline on Kangaroo Island: J.L. Keeling, I.J. Townsend, 455-458.
Gems around Australia: H. Bracewell, 459-463.
Gemmology study club lab reports; G. Brown, J. Snow, 464 470.
The gemstones of Pakistan: R.J. Thompson, 471-472.
Gold coral re-evaluated: G. Brown, 473-477.
Specular heat-treated garnet: D. Friedman, 477.
The Pool emerald; W. Hicks, 478-479.

Volume 17 February 1989 – November 1991

Volume 17, Number 1, February 1989
Optronix® gemmological instruments: J. Snow, G. Brown, 3-4.
The discovery of a new emerald occurrence in Brazil, Capoeirana: D. Schwarz, 4-5.
The mining of sapphires: T.J. Nunan, 7-12, 18- 19.
Ancient millipedes: J.I. Koivula, 13-14.
Greenbushes spodumene-quartz: G. Brown, H. Bracewell, 14-17.
Black-dyed synthetic opal: G. Brown, P. Callaway, 24-26.
Gemmology study club lab reports: G. Brown, J. Snow, 27-33.

Volume 17, Number 2, May 1989
Colour of chrysoprase in the light of mineralogical studies: W. Heflik, B. Kwiecinska, L. Natkaniec-Nowak, 43-46, 58- 59.
Australian colour-changing sapphire: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, 47-48.
Siliciophite: Australian cat’s-eye opal: G. Brown, 48-51.
Gems of the Mud Tank carbonatites: G. Brown, H. Bracewell, J. Snow, 52-57.
Gems around Australia (Mt Isa), Part 2: H. Bracewell, 60-62, 64.
The Snow diamond light: G. Brow, 63.
Gemmology study club lab reports: G. Brown, J. Snow, H. Bracewell, 65-68, 70-71, 73-75.

Volume 17, Number 3, August 1989
Mourning jewellery: J.C. Birmingham, 82-84. The characteristics of Burmese spinel: U. Tin Hlaing, 84-87.
Some observations on Helenite: G. Brown, J. Snow, 88-90.
Synthetic periclase: S.M.B. Kelly, G. Brown, 90-92.
A gemmological study of ‘Opalite’ and ‘Opal Essence’: J.I. Koivula, R.C. Kammerling, 93- 98.
Dayboro variscite: G. Brown, 98-100.
Yundamindera ‘fire’ opal: G. Brown, H. Bracewell, 101-103.
Russian hydrothermally-grown emerald: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, J. Snow, 103-106.
An evaluation of ‘Gemdata’ identification program: G. McCaughtrie, & Comments, P. Read, 107-109.

Volume 17, Number 4, November 1989
Jack Snow Memorial Issue
Jack Snow – The practical man: G. Tombs, 115.
Introduction to the Memorial issue: G. Brown, 117.
Using the spectroscope: S.M.B. Kelly, 118-119.
Economical microscopes for gemmologists: T. Linton, G. Brown, 120-121, 156-158.
The use of the Figure-O-Scope in gemmology (Reprint): J.J. Snow, 122-126.
Wave Hill prehnite: H. Bracewell, 127-129.
Some thoughts on snuff-bottles: R.K. Mitchell, 129-131.
Inamori stones rough: J. Snow, G. Brown, 132-136.
Visual optics: A. Hodgkinson, 137-138. Artistry through the microscope: J.I. Koivula, 139-141.
The use of isotopes in exploration for gemstones: A.F. Wilson, 142-146, 166.
Some rare gemstones: M. O’Donoghue, 147.
An investigation of three imitation opalized shells: J.I. Koivula, R.C. Kammerling, 148-152.
A synthetic by any other name: P. Read, 153-156.
Talkin’ bout gem-testing instruments: R. Hughes, 159-164.

Volume 17, Number 5, February 1990
New aspects of the emerald workings in Colombia: D. Schwarz, 168-170.
A dark-field illuminator for gemmological microscopes: T. Linton, G. Brown, 171-172.
A preliminary assessment of the gem identification system software: G. McCaughtrie, 172-173.
An interesting cultured blister pearl: R.C. Kammerling, J.I. Koivula, R.E. Kane, 174- 175.
A Kenyan gem feldspar: C.R. Bridges, G. Graziani, E. Gubelin, 177-183.
The Western Australian pearling industry: F.J. Malone, D.A. Hancock, B. Jeffriess, 184-192.
The XXII International Gemmological Conference: E.R. Segnit, 193-195.
Knischka-created rubies: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, 199-204.
Mtorolite: G. Phillips, G. Brown, 205-207.

Volume 17, Number 6, May 1990
Presidential address: G. Brown, 216-218. Biron® synthetic pink beryl: G. Brown, 219-221.
Gemmology study club lab reports: G. Brown, 221-230.
Mt. Philp aventurescent iolite: G. Brown, H. Bracewell, 231-234.
Rare-earths: T. Troiani, 235-236.
Burmese zircon: U. Tin Hlaing, 237-239.
YAGG: G. Brown, J. Snow, R. Brightman, 239-242.
Talkin’ bout gem testing instruments Part II: R.W. Hughes, 242-246.

Volume 17, Number 7, August 1990
Some rare ivories: G. Brown, 256-262. Chicken-blood stone: An unusual gem material: J.F. Guo, F.Q. Wang, 262-265.
Gems around Australia – Part III (Northern Territory): H. Bracewell, 265-269.
An unusual aquamarine: J.I. Koivula, R.C. Kammerling, 270-272.
Medo Hand® vacuum tweezers: T. Linton, 272-273.
Treasure Chest gem tester: G. Brown, T. Linton, 274-275.
Myanmar diamonds from north to south: U. Tin Hlaing, 278.
Gemmology study club lab reports: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, R. Beattie, H. Bracewell, 279- 285.

Volume 17, Number 8, November 1990
Multiple chatoyancy in Australian sapphire: G. Pearson, 296-298.
ESR spectrum of Australian synthetic Biron emerald: D.R. Hutton, G.J. Troup, 299-301.
Presidium® DiaMeterTM – System Berger: T. Linton, G. Brown, 301-303.
Queensland chrysoprase: N.J. Krosch, 303-306. A rare Baler shell pearl: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, 307-308.
Snail shells in amber: J.I. Koivula, 309-310.
Imitation chicken-blood stone: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, C. Sutherland, P. Callaway, 311-313.
Chrysoprase from Goias, Brazil: R.C. Kammerling, J.I. Koivula, 313-315.
Russian flux-grown synthetic spinel: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, R. Sneyd, 315-317.
Presidium® Diamond MiniMateTM: T. Linton, G. Brown, 318-320.
Argyle diamonds: G.A. Tombs, 321-324. Gemmology study club lab reports: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, R. Beattie, H. Bracewell, 325- 332.

Volume 17, Number 9, February 1991
Verneuil synthetic red spinel: G. Brown, R. Beattie, J. Snow, 344-347.
Gem deposits of South-Western Sri Lanka: T.G. Pemadasa, 347-349.
Argyle champagne and cognac diamonds: G. Brown, J. Chapman, 350-351.
A plastic-coated, sugar-treated opal: R.C. Kammerling, J.I. Koivula, 352-355.
An inexpensive conversion unit: G. Brown, T. Linton, 355.
Radioactivity of some minerals in the Mogok area: U. Tin Hlaing, Z. Aung, W. Htein, 356- 359. ®
The Gold-Meter : T. Linton, G. Brown, 360-362.
Gemmology study club lab reports: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, R. Beattie, 363-367.
Some Australian turquoise deposits: G. Brown, 369-373.
Gems around Australia – Part IV: H. Bracewell, 377-379.
Padparadscha: A. Hodgkinson, 378-380. An introductory note on the man-made Emeraldolite and Oulongolite: G. Brown, G. Tombs, 381-382.

Volume 17, Number 10, May 1991
Quality assessment: G. Brown (Presidential Address), 393-396.
A new dark-field loupe: T. Linton, M. Polita, G. Brown, 396-398.
Tasmanian gem corals: R.W. Grigg, G. Brown, 399-404.
Tourmalines from Western Australia: B.J. Darby, 405-408.
Lechleitner coated corundums: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, 408-411.
Gem garnets from Horse Gully, NSW: R.R. Coenraads, R. van der Graaf, 412-415.
Gemmology study club lab reports: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, H. Bracewell, 417-425.
A faded amethyst necklace: G. Brown, D. Hamid, 426-429.
Polaroid spectra system: T. Linton, G. Brown, 429-431.

Volume 17, Number 11, August 1991
Review of a new theory on emerald formation: J.L. Keeling, 440-442.
A furnace for heat-treatment: R.N. Ediriweera, S.I. Perera, W. Weerasinghe, 443-445.
Comparisons between Kenyan, Australian and Sri Lankan sapphires: G. Tombs, 446-449.
Characterization of a so-called ‘Reconstructed lapis lazuli’: R.C. Kammerling, J.I. Koivula, E. Fritsch, 450-453.
Gems around Australia – Part 5 (WA): H. Bracewell, 454-456.
A new surface diffusion-treated sapphire: G. Brown, R. Beattie, 457-459.
Queensland sapphire: N.J. Krosch, W. Cooper, 460-464.
Coral identification kit: T. Linton, G. Brown, 465.
Synthetic red spinel: A. Hodgkinson, 466-468.
The Shibuya 150 refractometer: T. Linton, G. Brown, 468-469.
Gem quality almandine garnets from Antarctica: R. Brightman, 470-473.
Gemmology study club lab reports: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, H. Bracewell, 475-478.

Volume 17, Number 12, November 1991
Australian emeralds: D. Schwarz, 488-497, 501.
Plastic imitation opals from Thailand: R.C. Kammerling, J.I, Koivula, E. Fritsch, 498-501.
Gems around Australia – Part 6 (Broome): H. Bracewell, 502-503.
Hydrothermally synthesized agate-like crystals: M. Hosaka, 503-504.
Burma-type rubies from Vietnam: U. Henn, 505-509.
New Myanmar ruby deposit: U. Tin Hlaing, 509-510.
Queensland sapphire Part II: N.J. Krosch, W. Cooper, 511-515.
Lechleitner synthetics: K. Schmetzer, 516-523.
Gemmology study club lab reports: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, H. Bracewell, 526-531.

Volume 18 February 1992 – November 1994

Volume 18, Number 1, February 1992
Halogen lamps – A warning: Instrument Evaluation Committee, 2-4.
Trade embargo on coral: G. Brown, 5-6.
The Mintabie opal field: I.J. Townsend, 7-12. An unusual alexandrite: U. Henn, H. Bank, 13-15.
Blue-green emerald from Nigeria: H.A. Hanni, 16-18.
Novel assembled opal from Mexico: R.C. Kammerling, J.I. Koivula, 19-21.
Corundum veinlets in ruby: Sun Xian Ru, 22-23.

Volume 18, Number 2, May 1992
The care and cleaning of gem materials: M. Stather, 34-38.
Gems around Australia (WA): H. Bracewell, 38- 39.
Robotic opal cutting: A. Cody, 40-41. Greenstone from Myanmar: U. Tin Hlaing, 42.
Vietnamese ruby: Discrimination: G. Brown, 43-46.
Torrington emerald: G. Pearson, 47-49.
Material loss when sawing gem diamond: Y. Kerremans, E. Wanten, 49-51.
Fibre-eye: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, 52-53.
Bead buyer’s and parcel picker’s filter set: T. Linton, G. Brown, 54-55.
Gem Study Club Report, 56-60.

Volume 18, Number 3, August 1992
Sapphires and rubies from volcanic provinces: R.R. Coenraads, 70-78.
Myanmar jade: An update: U. Tin Hlaing, 79-80.
Spectroscopic study of Biron synthetic pink beryl: E. Fritsch, S. Muhlmeister, A. Birkner, 81-82.
Imitation lapis lazuli, charoite and azurite-malachite: D. Bennett, J.I. Keeling, 83-84.
Almandine garnet from Antarctica: J.I. Keeling, R.B. Flint, 85-88.
Magnetic resonance spectrum of Torrington emerald: D.R. Hutton, G.J. Troup, 89-90.

Volume 18, Number 4, November 1992
The Australian sapphire industry: T.S. Coldham, 104-107.
Ruby fakes: G. Brown, R. Beattie, 108-114.
Scapolite from Sinjiang Region, west China: Zhang Peili, 115-117.
The carat: R. Hannaford, 117-118.
Hofer Gemstone Colorcard: T. Linton, G. Brown, 122-124.
Rhodochrosite from Argentina: J.A. Saadi, J.C. Grasso, 125-132.

Volume 18, Number 5, February 1993
Uvarovite from Outokumpu, Finland: U. Henn. H. Bank, 142-144.
Determination of the weight of a set stone by hydrostatic weighing: R.K. Mitchell, 143-144.
Historical note on the colour phenomenon in precious opal: D.B. Hoover, 145-148.
Hydrothermal ruby from Novosibirsk: H.A. Peretti, C.P. Smith, 149-157.
Mong Hsu ruby update: U. Tin Hlaing, 157-160.
Composite imitation of crystal opal: R.C. Kammerling, J.I. Koivula, 162-164.
Shan states sapphires: U. Tin Hlaing, 164.
Gem Study Club Report, 169-173.

Volume 18, Number 6, May 1993
Fluorescence excitation-emission of Cr- containing gems: D.B. Hoover, A.F. Theisen, 182-187.
Communicating colour: G. Brown, 187-190.
An important peridot: G. Webb, 191-193.
Gems around Australia: H. Bracewell, 193-194.
Leopardwood mosaic opal: M. Sawicki, G. Brown, 195-196.
Rhodonite from Upper Coomera, SE Queensland: G. Brown, H. Bracewell, 197-
Gem test lamp LI 103: G. Brown, 200.
An intriguing black necklace: G. Brown, S.M.B. KeIly, 200-202.

Volume 18, Number 7, August 1993
Cultured pearl grading: A.J. Clark, 214-215.
Maxixe-type beryls: G. Brown, 215-221.
Unusual twinning in natural and synthetic amethyst: U. Henn, 222-224.
Opalised fossil: Australian Museum, 223-224.
Zeiss stereomicroscope: T. Linton, R. Beattie, G. Brown, 225-226.
Colour treatment of common beryls: D. Robert, 231-234.
Advanced refractometer techniques: A. Hodgkinson, 231-234, 237.
Two ‘double star’ sapphires: J.I. Koivula, R.C. Kammerling, E. Fritsch, 235-236.
Gems around Australia: H. Bracewell, 239-242.

Volume 18, Number 8, November 1993
Memorial W.H. Hicks, 246.
Gem illuminated immersion cell: T. Linton, R. Beattie, G. Brown, 247-248.
A.G.L. portable Gem Testing Kit: T. Linton, R. Beattie, G. Brown, 249, 256.
XXIV IGC – France: G. Brown, 250-251.
Some far northern opal diggings in South Australia: G. Brown, J. Townsend, K. Endor, 252-255.
SEM studies of bleached and polymer-impregnated jadeite: T.S. Tay, S. Paul, C.M. Puah, 257-261.
Australian synthetic periclase: G. Brown, 265-269.
Gem Study Club Report, 271.

Volume 18, Number 9, February 1994
Introducing ESR/EPR spectroscopy to gemmology: D.R. Hutton, G.J. Troup, 278- 279.
Presidium Diamond FactTM: T. Linton, R. Beattie, G. Brown, 279-281.
The pearl industry in Queensland and Torres Strait: T. Ward, 282-284.
A garnet location at Mt. Wyangapinny, near Pittsworth, on the Darling Downs: D.N. Cracknell, 285-286.
Alluvial diamond deposits of the Guaniamo region, Bolivar State, Venezuela: R.R. Coenraads, G. Webb, B. Sechos, 287-294.
Notes from the Museum: G. Webb, 294-295.
Pleochroic colours and their related rays: A. Hodgkinson, 295-297.
Australian Mabe pearls: G. Brown, H. Mendis, 298.

Volume 18, Number 10, May 1994
Bill Hicks Memorial Issue – Part 1: In appreciation, 310.
The name game: R.W. Hughes, 311-315.
A combined magnetic resonance and gamma- irradiation study of some green beryls: D.R. Hutton, G.J. Troup, 315-317.
Torrington emerald update: K. Schmetzer, 318-319.
Visual Optics – The Hodgkinson method: An update: A. Hodgkinson, 320-322.
1994 Burma Emporium: R.E. Kane, 322-323.
Microsurfaces: A photoessay dedicated to Bill Hicks: J.I. Koivula, 323-325,
Notes on alexandrite chrysoberyl: S.J.A. Currie, 326-328.
Miniature fibre optics: T. Linton, 329-331.
Computer assisted gem identification: P. Read, 332-333.

Volume 18, Number 11, August 1994
Bill Hicks Memorial Issue – Part 2
The origin, formation and emplacement of diamonds: M. Stather, 342-345.
Heat treated corundums of Sri Lanka: T.G. Pemadasa, M.V. Danapala, 346-347.
Radiolucency of diamond and its simulants: R. Coates, 348-351.
Hsa-Taw green tourmaline: U. Tin Hlaing, 352-353
ROS/GEM OpticsTM Model RFA 322 refractometer: A. Shields, B. Neville, 354-355.
Almandine garnets from Vietnam: R.C. Kammerling, J.I. Koivula, 356-358.
Brief report on Indonesian opal: C. Lambert, G. Brown, 359-361.
A new type of synthetic ruby from Russia: U. Henn, 362-364.

Volume 18, Number 12, November 1994
Opal – Australia’s national gemstone: A. Bartram, 374-376.
1994 Presidential Address: C. Stott, 377.
1994 Patron’s Address: G. Tombs, 378. Fracture filled diamonds: B. Secho, 379-385.
GemliteTM polariscopes: T. Linton, B. Neville, A. Shields, 386-387.
Tahiti cultured pearl: M. Coeroli, 388-394.

Volume 19 January-March 1995 – October- December 1997

Volume 19, Number 1, January-March 1995
A brief account of Myanmar’s pearl culture industry: Tint Tun, 2-4.
The Raman microprobe: A new gemmological tool: B. Lasnier, 5-7.
JemeterTM Digital 90: T. Linton, A. Shields, B. Neville, 8-10.
How to fossick in Queensland – A guide to new fossicking legislation: B. Neville, 11-14.
An examination of SwarogreenTM – A new imitation emerald from Austria: E. Fritsch, R.C. Kammerling, J.I. Koivula, 15-18.
A new variety of grossular garnet with extended gemmological constants: R. Brightman, J. Tunzi, 19-22.
Gems around Australia – Part 10 (Marra Mamba tiger eye, WA): H. Bracewell, 23-24.
Alexandrite chrysoberyl surprises: A. Hodgkinson, 25-28.
Nicholas created alexandriteTM: G. Brown, S.M.B. Kelly, 29-30.
The cathodoluminescence of synthetic periclase: J. Ponahlo, 31-37.

Volume 19, Number 2, April-June 1995
New extension of Mong Hsu ruby deposit: U Tin Hlaing, 51.
A brief history of heat: R.W. Hughes, 52-54.
Heat treating sapphires from the Anakie District, Australia: T. Themelis, 55-60.
Gemmological miscellany, 61-64.
Hanneman-Hodgkinson synthetic emerald filter®: T. Linton. A. Shields, 65-68.
Visual characteristics of heat-treated corundum: B. Sechos, 69-72.

Volume 19, Number 3, July-September 1995
50th Jubilee issue
This issue contained the following papers of historical interest with respect to The Gemmological Association of Australia.
History of the GAA: G.A. Tombs
History of the GAA (NSW Division): G.A. Tombs Gemstones of New South Wales: R.R. Coenraads
History of the GAA (Victorian Division): W.E. Funston
Gemstones of Victoria: T. Troiani
History of the GAA (Queensland Division): D.G. Sanderson
Gemstones of Queensland: A.F. Wilson
History of the GAA (SA Division): A. Hill
Gemstones of South Australia: I.J. Townsend
History of the GAA (WA Division): B. Taylor, F. Parker
Gemstones of Western Australia: F. Parker
History of the GAA (Tasmanian Division): T.C. Roper, P. Walker
Gemstones of Tasmania: B. Sweeney
Pearls of Australia: D. O’Sullivan, D. Cropp, O. Bunter
History of The Australian Gemmologist: G. Brown

Volume 19, Number 4, October-December 1995
Gems and gemmology in Sri Lanka: The early history: M.M.M. Mahroof, 169-174.
Amethysts and their occurrences: H. Bank, C.C. Milisenda, 175-177.
Notes from a Singaporean laboratory: Tay Thye Sun, 178-181.
Gems around Australia – Part 11 (Wyloo amethyst, WA): H. Bracewell, 182-184.
The hazardous effects of refractometer contact fluid – A note: T. Linton, 185.
A history of Pietre Dure: T. Troiani, 186-189.
An examination of peridot from Ethiopia: R.C. Kammerling, J.I. Koivula, 190-194.

Volume 19, Number 5, January-March 1996
Shape, structure and colours of Polynesian pearls: J.-P. Cuif, Y. Dauphin, C. Stoppa, S. Beeck, 205-209.
Warrierite A new black tourmaline gemstone from Western Australia: J.G. Olliver, M. Thompson, 210-214.
Agate Creek agate: P. Howard, 215-220.
Australian (1.81) refractometer fluid: T. Linton, B. Neville, 221-223.
1994 gemstone production in the Northern Territory: NT Department of Mines & Energy, 224-225.
Dyed opalised sandstone and conglomerate – A new gem product from Andamooka: J.L. Keeling, I.J. Townsend, 226-231.
Review of diamond resources in South Australia: I.J. Townsend, B.J. Morris, M.G. Farrand, 233-236,

Volume 19, Number 6, April-June 1996
The status of pearl culture in Indonesia: T. Winanto, K. Mintardjo, 245-249.
The Baily light source: T. Linton, R. Beattie, G. Brown, 250-251.
Gems around Australia – Part 12 (Yinnietharra & Mt. Phillip, WA): H. Bracewell, 252-254.
An examination of colour-change sapphires from Tanzania: R.C. Kammerling, M.L. Johnson, Y. Liu, 255-258.
Gemmological miscellany: G. Brown, 259-263.
Interesting gems from north-east Tasmania: B. Sweeney, 264-267.
Mong Hsak rhodolite garnet: U Tin Hlaing, Tin Tin Win, 270-272.
Notes from the Museum: G. Webb, 273-274.

Volume 19, Number 7, July-September 1996
Electrum in Antiquity: Why was one word used for two substances?: J. Saul, 285-287.
Zoning in Sri Lankan zircons: Chemically controlled?: M.S. Rupasinghe, A. Senaratne, 288-291.
Measurement of refractive index by the apparent depth method: D. Bennett, 292-294.
The true story of White Cliffs: G. Rowe, 295-300. Lab notes: B. Sechos, G. Brown, 301-302.
Ethiopia: A new source for precious opal: D.B. Hoover, T.Z. Yohannes, D.S. Collins, 303-307.
Scanning electron microscope studies on bleaching of jadeite: T.S. Tay, S.P. Liew, C.M. Puah, 310-314.

Volume 19, Number 8, October-December 1996
Combarbalitá: An ornamental kaolinite from Combarbalá, Chile: R.R. Coenraads, 325- 334.
The Empress Pearl© – A New Zealand cultured half-pearl: L. McKenzie, 336-338.
The typical gemmological characteristics of Argyle diamonds: J. Chapman, G. Brown, B. Sechos, 339-346.
Polaroid Macro 5 SLR camera: T. Linton, S. Sultman, 347-350.
Crystal carving and other esoteric things: F.H. Thrupp, 351-352.
Northern Territory’s new fossicking legislation: T. Roberts, 353-354.

Volume 19, Number 9, January-March 1997
EPR/ESR spectra of natural and synthetic opals – A Pilot Study: D.R. Hutton, G.J. Troup, M. Young, 365-367.
Tasmania and Antarctica: A long association: P.G. Quilty, 368-374.
Abalone pearls from Brass Strait: D. Cropp, 375- 379.
An occurrence of gem quality diopside, Yinnietharra Station, Western Australia: F. Doedens, 380-382.
Identifying characteristics of hydrothermal synthetics: B. Sechos, 383-388.
Fossicking in Queensland: Queensland Department of Mines & Energy, 389-392.

Volume 19, Number 10, April-June 1997
The pearl fisheries of Sri Lanka – Some chapters from a forgotten history: M.M.M. Mahroof, 405-412.
Fibre torches: B. Neville, 413-414.
Argyle diamonds’ Pink Diamond Tenders (1985 – 1996): Polished Sales Division, Argyle Diamonds, 415-418.
Yttrium Aluminium Perovskite: T. Linton, 419-420.
The Merlin Prospect – Australia’s next commercial diamond mine?: Ashton Mining Limited, 421.
The red pearls of Pinna Nobilis: J.-P. Gauthier, J. Caseiro, B. Lasnier, 422-426.
New emerald deposits from southern India: J. Panjikar, K. T. Ramchandran, K. Balu, 427- 432.

Volume 19, Number 11, July-August 1997
The diamond deposits of Myanmar: U Tin Hlaing, Tin Tin Win, 445-447.
The gem kit: T. Linton, S. Sultman, J. Peters, 448-451.
Origin and deformation of agate-bearing sphelurites: The Thuringian Forest, Germany: G. Holzhey, 452-459.
Alexandrite chrysoberyl from Dowerin, Western Australia: Revisited: A. Bevan, P. Downes, 460-463.
Inclusions in agates and chalcedonies: P . Howard, 464-465.
Gems around Australia – Part 13 (Mooka Station, WA): H. Bracewell, 467-470.
Gemmological features of rubies and sapphires from the Barrington Volcano, Eastern Australia: G. Webb, 471-475.

Volume 19, Number 12, October-December 1997
A new era for opal nomenclature: A. Smallwood, 486-496.
Pearls and pearl oysters in the Gulf of California, Mexico: D. McLaurin, E. Arizmendi, S. Farell, M. Nava, 497-501.
A miscellany of organics: G. Brown, 503-506.
Corundum (ruby) from the Karen State, Myanmar: A note: U Tin Hlaing, 507-508.
A new technique for detecting synthetic yellow sapphire: T. Linton, 509-511.
Meiji Technico model GF-252 refractometer- polariscope: T. Linton, S. Sultman, G. Peters, 513-515.

Volume 20 January-March 1998 – October- December 2000

Volume 20, Number 1, January-March 1998
Pearl identification: S.J. Kennedy, 2-19.
The Hodgkinson method, a.k.a. The eye and prism method: Some further adaptations: D.B. Hoover, 20-33.
The 26th International Gemmological Conference: G. Brown, G. Tombs, 36-40.

Volume 20, Number 2, April-June 1998
An occurrence of microcrystalline opal, Nipple Mountain, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada: R.R. Coenraads, R.E. Pogson, 58- 61.
Portable dark-fields: B. Bretherton, 62-63.
Emerald chemistry from different deposits: An electron microscopy study: I.I. Moroz, I.Z. Eliezri, 64-69.
Foreign affairs: Fracture healing/filling of Möng Hsu ruby: R.W. Hughes, O. Galibert, 70-74.
New occurrence of demantoid in Namibia: Th. Lind, U. Henn, H. Bank, 75-79.
Rare gem minerals from Brazil. Part 1: Euclase and phenakite: M.L.S.C. Chaves, J. Karfunkel, D.B. Hoover, 80-86.

Volume 20, Number 3, July-September 1998
Touring the diamond factories of Amsterdam: A. Barnard, 98-101.
The Hodgkinson method, a.k.a. The eye and prism method: Clarifying the records: W. Wm. Hanneman, 102-104;
Reply: D.B. Hoover, 104-105.
Amazonite in Sri Lankan topaz identified by Raman analysis: J.I. Koivula, S. Elen, 106- 107.
Gems around Australia – Part 14 (emerald, Poona, WA): H. Bracewell,108-111.
An Australian synthetic opal: G. Brown,112-113.
On the identification of amber and its imitations using Raman spectroscopy: T.S. Tay, Z.X. Shen, S.L. Yee, 114-123.
Treated blue diamond: B. Sechos, 124.
Cat’s-eye black opal: M.S. White, 126.

Volume 20, Number 4, October-December 1998
Has science overthrown the king of gems?: A. Barnard, 138-140.
The Idar-Oberstein gemstone industry’s 500th anniversary: H. Bank, 141-144.
Expanded scale Eickhorst refractometer: T. Linton, S. Sultman, J. Peters, 145-148.
Alaskan jade: P. Howard, 149-153.
Scottish Gem Lab news: A. Hodgkinson, 154-158.
Alexandrite, emerald, ruby, sapphire and topaz in as biotite phlogopite fels from Poona, Cue District, Western Australia: G. Grundmann, G. Morteani, 159-167.

Volume 20, Number 5, January-March 1999
Australian Chinese writing stone: A. Bevan, P. Downes, J. Bevan, 178-181.
Gemscan II: T. Linton, R. Pemberton, A. Cumming, B. Sweeney, N. Masson, 182-185.
How to make an appraisal of jadeite: C.M. Ou Yang, 188-192.
A miscellany of organics: Part 2: G. Brown, 193- 197.
New opal carving factory at Khao Yai, Thailand: R.R. Coenraads, P.E. Elmer, 198-201.
Origin of sapphires from the Jizerská Louka alluvial deposit in north Bohemia, Czech Republic: P. Maliková, 202-206.

Volume 20, Number 6, April-June 1999
Geozoological prospecting for gold and gems: D.M. Colchester, 218-221.
Gemmological miscellany: G. Brown, 223-226.
Refractometers and the pin-hole disc: T. Linton, 227-229.
White Cliffs: Australia’s first commercial opal field: G. Rowe, 230-231.
Evaluation of a teaching aid for ‘Visual optics’: T. Linton, 232-235.
LH – an “old” Gemmological Property: W. Wm. Hanneman, 236-238.
Pearls and pearl oysters in the Gulf of California, México: D. McLaurin, E. Arizmendi, S. Farell, M. Nava, 239-245.
Gemstones in a new light: A. Hodgkinson, 246-249.
Burmite – Burmese amber: U Tin Hlaing, 250-253.

Volume 20, Number 7, July-September 1999
Characterisation of recent and fossil ivory: V. Rolandi, 266-276.
The nomenclature of gemstones with special reference to the garnet and tourmaline mineral groups: E.L. Stevens, 277-279.
Ruby and variously coloured sapphires from Ilakaka, Madagascar: K. Schmetzer, 282-284.
The effect of the gamma-irradiation dose combined with heat on the colour enhancement of colourless quartz: M.V.B. Pinheiro, F.S. Lameiras, K. Krambrock, J. Karfunkel, J.B. da Silva, 285-288.
Möng Hsu ruby revisited: U Tin Hlaing, 289-292.
Ekati – Canada’s first commercial diamond mine: An editorial review, 293-297.
Tester Model 590 for colourless moissanite/diamond: V.M.F. Hammer, J. Stefan, 298-301.

Volume 20, Number 8, October-December 1999
The visible absorption spectroscopy of emeralds from different deposits: I.I. Moroz, M.L. Roth, V.B. Deich, 315-320.
Brothers corundum: sapphires in Sri Lanka: M.M.M. Mahroof, 321-325.
Ruby from Tunduru-Songea, East Africa – Some basic observations: G. Hamid, S.M.B. Kelly, G. Brown, 326-330.
A personal critique of ‘Modeling the appearance of the round brilliant cut diamond: Analysis of brilliance’ in Gems & Gemology: G. Holloway, 331-335, 338-339.
Chatoyant tremolite (nephrite): G.A. Tombs, 340- 341.
Verneuil synthetic corundums with induced ‘fingerprints’: J. Free, I. Free, G. Brown, T. Linton, 342-347.
Our past history: Statement respecting the opal industry at White Cliffs: T.C. Wollaston, 347- 348.

Volume 20, Number 9, January-March 2000
A preliminary investigation of precious opal by laser Raman spectroscopy: A. Smallwood, 363-366.
Diamond Proover II: T. Linton, A. Cumming, K. Hunter, 367-369.
In defence of gemmologists – A different view on nomenclature: W. Wm. Hanneman, 370-373.
A warning – Beware of 1.815 refractometer contact fluid: T. Linton, 373.
Crown angle estimation for diamond using a ‘tilt test’: G. Holloway, 374-375.
Gems around Australia – Part 15 (south WA): H. Bracewell, 378-381.
The Merlin diamond-mining project Part 1: An introduction, 382-385.
D-limonene – a useful immersion liquid for gemmology: T. Linton, 386-387.
A new deposit of smoky quartz crystals from the Torrington area: H. Bracewell, 388-390.
Rare Australian gemstones – stichtite: R.S. Bottrill, G. Brown, 391-393.
Report on 27th International Gemmological Conference: F.I. Sutherland, 394-395.

Volume 20, Number 10, April-June 2000
The Slocan Valley sapphire deposit, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada: R.R. Coenraads, J.W. Laird, 410-415.
Papers on opal previously published in The Australian Gemmologist: Editorial Management Committee, 416-420.
Nelson M17 gemstone cooling unit: T. Linton, B. Bretherton, 421-424.
Synthetic fresnoite – A new gemstone simulant: U. Henn, 426-427.
What’s new in gem testing instruments – The Brewster-angle meter: T. Linton, K. Hunter, A. Cumming, N. Masson, G. Pearson, 428-431.
The Hanneman refractometer: T. Linton, K. Hunter, A. Cumming, 432-435.
Caveat Emptor: F.H. Thrupp, 436.
Where the Monsoon comes earlier – The story of a personal journey of discovery: U Tin Hlaing, 437-440.
Gemmological miscellany: G. Brown, 441-444.

Volume 20, Number 11, July-September 2000
Present Russian synthetic and enhanced gemstones: V.S. Balitsky, 458-466.
Diffraction colours of opal: M. Ostrooumov, H.A. Talay, 467-472.
New find of gem quality uvarovite in Tibet: He Xuemei, Cai Keqin, Gong Shan, 473-477.
Surface reflectivity of synthetic moissanite: T. Linton, 478.
Chiastolite from Kyaukse, Myanmar: U Tin Hlaing, 479-480.
Unusual inclusions in quartz: J.I. Koivula, 481- 482.
Presidium Moissanite TesterTM: T. Linton, K. Hunter, 483-485.
Chinese pearls: Their culturing and trading: Guo Tao, 486-490.

Volume 20, Number 12, October-December 2000
Dispersion measurement with the gemmologist’s refractometer – Part 1: D.B. Hoover, T. Linton, 506-516.
NovaDiamond® colour enhanced yellow and yellow-green diamonds: A.S. Barnard, 517- 522.
Rare Australian gemstones – Moonstone, A rare Queensland gemstone: H. Bracewell, 523- 528.
Russian colourless synthetic diamond, now available in the market: J.C.C. Yuan, 529- 533.
Australia’s gemstone resources and their markets: G. Brown, 534-539.

Volume 21 January-March 2001 – October- December 2003

Volume 21, Number 1, January-March 2001
Tourmaline and aquamarine deposits from Brazil: J. César-Mendes, H. Jort-Evangelista, R. Wegner, 3-6.
Jade: Occurrence and metasomatic origin: G.E. Harlow, S.S. Sorensen, 7-11.
Brazilian gem provinces: C.P. Pinto, A.C. Pedrosa-Soares, 12-16.
Emerald deposits – A review: D. Schwarz, G. Giuliani, 17-23.
Gem tourmaline chemistry and paragenesis: W.B. Simmons, K.L. Webber, A.U. Falster, J.W. Nizamoff, 24-29.
Origin of gem corundums from basaltic fields: F.L. Sutherland, D. Schwarz, 30-33.
The geology of Australian opal deposits: I.J. Townsend, 34-37.
View point – Much ado about nothing: W. Wm. Hanneman, 38-40.

Volume 21, Number 2, April-June 2001
Characterisation of a new Chinese hydrothermally grown emerald: C. Zhenqiang, Z. Jiliang, C. Keqin, Z. Changlong, Z. Weining, 62-66.
Disclosure – Gemstones and synthetics – Does the jewellery industry care?: T.T. Sun, 67-75.
The gemstone occurrences of Madagascar: U. Henn, C. Milisenda, 76-82.
Scottish Gem Lab news: A. Hodgkinson, 83-87. Dispersion, birefringence, and the critical angle refractometer: W. Wm. Hanneman, 88-90.
Ornamental variety of pink marble with apatite found near Eppawala, Sri Lanka: M.D.P.L. Francis, P.G.R. Dharmaratne, 91-94.

Volume 21, Number 3, July-September 2001
Gemstones of Minas Gerais, Brazil: I.J. Townsend, 111-112.
Exploration for diamonds in South Australia: K. Wills, 113-115.
The making of synthetic rubies: J. Ward, 115- 116.
The gem emporium in Myanmar: U Tin Hlaing, 117-119.
An overview of China’s pearl industry: Hao Xie, Liping Li, 120-123.
Notes from the Museum focusing on travertine: G. Webb, 124.
Ti-Fe mineral inclusions in star sapphires from Thailand: S. Saminpanya, 125-128.
Macro & micro anatase-rutile combinations in quartz: J.I. Koivula, M. Tannous, 129-131.

Volume 21, Number 4, October-December 2001
Dispersion measurement with the gemmologist’s refractometer – Part 2: D.B. Hoover, T. Linton, 150-160.
Brandt proportion loupe: T. Linton, A. Cumming, N. Masson, B. Sweeney, 161-164.
Rare Australian ornamental materials – Zebra rock an ornamental stone from the East Kimberley, Western Australia: A.W.R. Bevan, 165-168.
Staurolite from the Lai Hka and Mong Keng areas, Myanmar: U Tin Hlaing, 169-170.
Identification of GE POLTM diamonds: E. Fritsch, J.-P. Chalain, H. Hänni, 172-177.

Volume 21, Number 5, January-March 2002
Five centuries of Mexican pearls: D. McLaurin Moreno, E.A. Castillo, 190-201.
Star garnets from Ilakaka, Madagascar: K. Schmetzer, H.-J. Bernhardt, 202-206.
The Springsure deposit of precious opal: R. Beattie, 207-210.
Corundum/spinel reaction textures in carbonate- origin rocks, Sri Lanka – Preliminary observations: M.D.P.L. Francis, P.G.R. Dharmaratne, 211-214.
GemcheckerTM professional valuation & appraisal module: T. Linton, K. Frazer, 215- 218.
XXVIII International Gemmological Conference: L. Sutherland, G. Brown, 219-220.

Volume 21, Number 6, April-June 2002
Mexican gem opals: E. Fritsch, M. Ostrooumov, B. Rondeau, A. Barreau, D. Albertini, A.-M. Marie, B. Lasnier, J. Wery, 230-233.
The magnetic index: W.Wm. Hanneman, 234- 235.
Spectroscopic properties of Möng Hsu ruby: S. Siripaisarnpipat, T. Pattharakorn, S. Pattharakorn, S. Sanguanruang, N. Koonsaeng, S. Achiwawanich, M. Promsurin, P. Hanmungthum, 236-241.
Interesting American opals: Wood replacement: J.I Koivula, M. Tannous, 242-243.
Louisiana opal: G. Brown, 244-246.
Gemmological study of corundum from Madagascar: J. Shida, 247-252.
Recent observations on composite stones: U. Henn, 253-257.

Volume 21, Number 7, July-September 2002
Classification of natural opal Type 1: J. Schellnegger, 270-277.
Some aspects of precious opal synthesis: S.V. Filin, A.I. Puzynin, V.N. Samoilov, 278-282.
New imitation gemstones from Australia: G. Brown, T. Linton, 283-287.
Orange sapphires or just lemons?: T. Coldham, 288-293.

Volume 21, Number 8, October-December 2002
Update of Australia’s gemstone and pearl resources: G. Brown, 273-277.
Colour in quartz: From atomic substitutions to nanoinclusions: P. Vasconcelos, B. Cohen, N. Calos, 278.
The processing and heat treatment of Subera (Qld) sapphire rough: M. Maxwell, 279-286.
Australian sedimentary opal – Why is Australia unique?: D. Horton, 287-294.
The mystery about coloured diamonds: C. Carrington, 295-298.
Agate Creek agates: P Howard, 299-300.

Volume 21, Number 9, January-March 2003
Morphology of diamond crystals from the Bingara Range, Northern New South Wales, Australia: J.D. Hollis, 350-359.
A compilation of infrared absorption spectra of some specific gemstones: S. Fernandes, M. Khan, G. Choudhary, 361-367.
Genesis and gemmology of sapphires from the Nezametnoye deposit, Primorye Region, Russia: A. Khanchuk, B. Zalishchak, V. Pakhomova, E. Odarichenko, V. Sapin, 369- 375.

Volume 21, Number 10, April-June 2003
Rare gem mineral deposits from Brazil – Part 2: Lazulite and scorzalite: M.L. de Sá C. Chaves, J. Karfunkel, A.H. Horn, D.B. Hoover, 390-399.
Limitations of the pavilion depth – Rapid sight estimates method: G. Holloway, 400-403.
Relationship between the Groove density of the grating structure and the strength of iridescence in mollusc shells: Y. Liu, K.N. Hurwit, L. Tian, 405-407.
An unusual crystal from the central Queensland sapphire fields: R. Beattie, 408.
Gem quality petalite from Myanmar (Burma): U Kyaw Khaing Win, T. Themelis, 409.
Large OPLTM diffraction grating spectroscope: T. Linton, A. Cumming, K. Hunter, 410-412.
Diamond cut grading based on red reflection instruments: T. Linton, G. Holloway, 413-419.

Volume 21, Number 11, July-September 2003
Notes on the identification of Gilson synthetic opal: G.A. Tombs, 437.
35 years on – A new look at synthetic opal: A. Smallwood, 438-447.
The history and importance of heat treatment of Australian sapphire: T. Coldham, 450-462.
Corundum conundrum: B. Sweeney, 463. Synthetic-like fluorescence in a natural sapphire: G.A. Tombs, 464.

Volume 21, Number 12, October-December 2003
History of education in the GAA: B. Sechos, 470-473.
The development of valuation technology in Australia: P. Gerrard, 474-477.
Spectra of gem materials: G. Pearson, 478-485. Geoffrey Tombs – A pointer to inspiration: T. Linton, 486-489.
Lambina opal field – An update: J. Townsend, 490-494.
Diamond grading for the myopic: R. Bauer, 495-497.
An interesting Australian abalone pearl: S.M.B. Kelly, G. Brown, 498-501.

Volume 22 January-March 2004 – October- December 2006

Volume 22, Number 1, January-March 2004
Topaz from Killiecrankie, Flinders Island, and other Bass Strait Islands: R.S. Bottrill, R.N. Woolley, A.B. Forsyth, 2-9.
Culturing abalone half-pearls – The story of the New Zealand Eyris Blue PearlTM: P. Hutchins, 10-20.
Agates and geodes from the Khur area, central Iran: M. Nazari, 21-28.
Amino acids in the nacre layers of shell from Magnavicula Penguin and blister pearls from Sanya, China: Huang Fengming, Chen Zhonghui, Zhou Ying, Yang Mingxing, 29-31.
Pink gem-quality orthoclase from the Mogok stone tract, Myanmar: U Hla Kyi, U Kway Thu, 32-34.
Sapphire-blue kyanite from Nepal: U. Henn, 35- 36.

Volume 22, Number 2, April-June 2004
The origin of precious opal – A new model: B. Deveson, 50-58.
Crocoite: S.P. Sorrell, 59-63.
Spinel from Kayah State, Myanmar: U Tin Hlaing, 64-66.
Inclusions in Vietnamese Quy Chau ruby and their origin: Pham Van Long, Hoang Quang Vinh, Nguyen Xuan Nghia, 67-71.
Quality enhancement of Vietnamese ruby by heat treatments: P. Winotai, P. Limsuwan, I.M. Tang, S. Limsuwan, 72-77.

Volume 22, Number 3, July-September 2004
History of DIP DT Course: G. Brown, 91, 97.
Diamonds in Russia: F. Payette, 99-111.
The Modern De Beers and the significant changes to the diamond pipeline over the past decade: J. Morris, 112-124.
Diamond simulants: P. Cartwright, 125-131.

Volume 22, Number 4, October-December 2004
LIBS: A spark of inspiration in gemmological analytical instrumentation: T. Themelis, 138-145.
Chemical composition and mineralogical properties of a pink tourmaline mineral from pegmatites around Rajgarh, Ajmer District, Rajasthan, India: Liaqat A K Rao, S. Rehan Ali, Preeti Singh, 146-149.
In The pink: Argyle’s diamond gift to Australia: A. Bevan, P. Downes, 150-155.
The Kasumigaura PearlTM: B. Dilenburger, 156- 161.
Gemstones in Vietnam – A review: Pham Van Long, G. Giuliani, V. Garnier, D. Ohnenstetter, 162-168-
A new deposit of gem quality colour-change diaspore from Möng Hsu, Myanmar: U Hla Kyi, Kyaw Khaing Win, 169-170.
Sapphire in basalt fake: T. Coldham, 171.

Volume 22, Number 5, January-March 2005
Kalimantan diamond: morphology, surface features and some spectroscopic features: Tay Thye Sun, P. Wathanakul, W. Atichat, Lim Heng Moh, Lee Kien Kem, R. Hermanto, 186-195.
Pearl resources of China: Zhang Hui, Zhang Beili, 196-209.
Professional Gem Light 3: R. Beattie, T. Linton, 210-214.
Rubellite and other gemstones from Momeik Township, northern Shan State, Myanmar: U Tin Hlaing, Aung Khaing Win, 215-218.

Volume 22, Number 6, April-June 2005
Use and misuse of optical mineralogy constants in gemmology: D.B. Sturman, 234-243.
The diamond pipeline: H.H. Lim, 244-252.
Opals from Java: H. Sujatmiko, H.C. Einfalt, U. Henn, 254-259.
Krüss refractometer – ER 6010: T. Linton, R. Beattie, K. Hughes, 260-262.
A miscellany of organics: G. Brown, 264-268.
Trapiche of Myanmar: K.K. Win, 269-270.

Volume 22, Number 7, July-September 2005
Gem corals: Classification and spectroscopic features: V. Rolandi, A. Brajkovic, I. Adamo, R. Bocchio, M. Landonio, 285-297.
The pegmatitic gem deposits of Molo (Momeik) and Sakhan-Gyi (Mogok): U Hla Kyi, Ted Themelis, U Kyaw Thu, 303-309.
The identification of impregnated nephrite: L. Jianjun, 310-317.

Volume 22, Number 8, October-December 2005
Practical application for measuring gemstone dispersion on the refractometer – Using the C-F solar spectral interval: T. Linton, 330-344. Gemstone resources of China: C.M. (Mimi) Ou Yang, 349-359.
Glass-filled rubies – Clarity-enhanced rubies with glass-forming additives: T. Themelis, 360- 365.
Use of IR-spectroscopy and diffraction to discriminate between natural, synthetic and treated turquoise, and its imitations: A. Pavese, L. Prosperi, M. Dapiaggi, 366-371.

Volume 22, Number 9, January-March 2006
Amber-like fossil resin from North Queensland, Australia: D.M. Colchester, G. Webb, P. Emseis, 378-385.
Diamonds from the Udachnaya pipe, Yakutia: V. Rolandi, A. Brajkovic, I. Adamo, M. Landonio, 387-397.
Krüss PO11 proportion ocular and stone holder: T. Linton, R. Beattie, K. Hughes, 398-401.
A new deposit of jerejemevite from the Mogok Stone Tract: U Hla Kyi, U Kyaw Thu, 402-405.
From the laboratory: Tay Thye Sun, 406-407.
The adverse impact of scatter on the tone of Shandong sapphire: L. Jianjun, 408-411.

Volume 22, Number 10, April-June 2006
Welcome to the Patricia Calloway memorial issue, G. Brown, H. Bracewell, B. Sneyd, 426.
Characteristic spectral features of iron as a gemstone chromophore: G. Pearson, 430- 446.
Diamond cut grading: Unintended consequences and solutions: S. Sivovolenko, G. Holloway, Y. Shelementiev, J. Mistry, 447-454.
Problems that may be encountered when identifying gemstones in antique jewellery: R. Bauer, 455-459.
Vulcanite or Gutta-Percha: That is the question: G. Brown, 460-465.
My other collection: B. Sneyd, 466-469. Re-surfacing a refractometer prism: T. Linton, 470.

Volume 22, Number 11, July-September 2006
Old opal fields revisited at Coober Pedy: I.J. Townsend, 475-478.
Torrington and its gemstones: H. Bracewell, 479- 484.
The variation of gemmological properties and chemical composition of gem-quality taaffeites and musgravites from Sri Lanka: K. Schmetzer, L. Kiefert, H.-J. Bernhardt, M. Burford, 485-492.
Test case for the refractometer – Olivine or sinhalite?: A. Hodgkinson, 493-495.
Gemstone mining and exploration in Australia: F. Sutherland, 496-502.
Elephant pearls – True or false?: B. Mann, G. Brown, 503-507.
Mineral and melt inclusions in sapphires as an indicator of conditions of their formation and origin: V. Pakhomova, B. Zalishchak, V. Tishkina, M. Lapina, N. Karmanov, 508-511.

Volume 22, Number 12, October-December 2006
Gem corals – X-ray diffraction, solid state NMR, elemental analysis: R. Bocchio, S. Bracco, A. Brajkovic, A. Comotti, V. Rolandi, 524-532.
Measurement of refractive indices with the GemmeterTM: L. Cosnier, 533-538.
Identifying Japanese freshwater cultured pearls from Lake Kasumigaura: D.E. Jacob, U. Wehrmeister, T. Häger, W. Hofmeister, 539- 541.
Branded diamonds – Their Advantages and Limitations: A. Lynch, 542-555.
Another imitation elephant pearl: G. Brown, 556- 557.

Volume 23 January-March 2007 – October- December 2009

Volume 23, Number 1, January – March 2007
Blue and pink opals from Acari, Peru: A. Brajkovic, V. Rolandi, P. Vignola, R. Grizzetti, 3-15.
From the laboratory: Tay Thye Sun, 16-21. Letter to the Editor & Reply (About diamond cut grading), 22-28.
Krüss HA10 Hearts and Arrows loupe: T. Linton, K. Hughes, R. Beattie, 29-31.

Volume 23, Number 2, April – June 2007
Spodumenes from Nuristan, Afghanistan: L. Natkaniec-Nowak, 51-57.
Sealant impregnated rubies: G.M. Pearson, 58- 61.
AGIL refractometer and LED light source: T. Linton, R. Beattie, 62-63.
Usefulness and limitations of using routine FTIR spectra for identifying gemstones compared with the use of classical FTIR spectra using KBr pellets: Li Jianjun, Luo Yueping, Chen Zhenyu, Meng Lijuan, 64-70.
Be aware of and beware of opal’s density: A. Hodgkinson, 71.
Notes from the GSL laboratory: B. Sechos, 72-73.
Moldavite: Natural or imitation?: Tay Thye Sun, 76-78.
Circled pigs’ tusks: B. Mann, G. Brown, M. Mahoney, 79-83.
AGIL portable lab set: T. Linton, R. Beattie, 84-85.

Volume 23, Number 3, July – September 2007
Ruby suites from New South Wales: G. Webb, 99-116.
Fact or fiction – Lessons from the history of gems: D. Hoover, 117-119, 122-125.
The SEM and CCL-SEM study of graphitic inclusions in natural brown diamonds: A.S. Bidny, O.V. Kononov, A.G. Veresov, P.V. Ivannikov, 126-130.
Lune River petrified ferns: R.E. Jones, 131-135.

Volume 23, Number 4, October – December 2007
Magnetic susceptibility for gemstone discrimination: D.B. Hoover, B. Williams, 146-159.
Natural gamma radioactivity and exploration for precious opal in Australia: B.R. Senior, L.T. Chadderton, 160-176.
LED light sources and gemmological instruments that analyse colour: T. Linton, 177-179.

Volume 23, Number 5, January – March 2008
Argyle Type 1A pink diamonds: V. Rolandi, A. Brajkovic, I. Adamo, I. Fontana, 194-203.
Spectrophotometric technique for characterising gemstone colours: G. Pearson, 204-217.
Diamond – Varying hardness direcrtions: R. Cartier, 218.
Physical fundamentals behind modern techniques of natural diamond enhancement: V.G. Vins, A.P. Yelisseyev, 219-221.
Topaz – prismatic growth lines with associated liquid inclusions: T. Linton, 222-225.
From a Singaporean gem laboratory: Tay Thye Sun, 226-231.
Hanneman-Hodgkinson green stained jadeite filter: A. Hodgkinson, 232-236.
AGIL Illumination loupe: T. Linton, 237.

Volume 23, Number 6, April – June 2008
Black opaque gem minerals associated with corundum in the alluvial deposits of Thailand: S. Saminpanaya, F.L. Sutherland, 242-253.
A spectrophotometric study of the thermal colour change of tanzanite: G. Pearson, 254-265. Opal-C, opal-CT & opal-T from Acari, Peru: F.
Caucia, C. Ghisoli, I. Adamo, M. Boiocchi, 266-271.
Steller’s sea cow bone: B. Mann, G. Brown, 272- 277.
Rumours and contradictions about the Spoonmaker’s diamond: M. Hatipoglu, I. Meyanci, C. Turkdofan, D. Comert, O. Temal, 278-283.
Lab reports: R. Bauer, C. Payne, 284-285.
Diamond – Varying hardness directions – Erratum, 286.

Volume 23, Number 7, July – September 2008
Cultured freshwater pearls from the Yangtze River, China: M. Dumanska-Slowik, W. Heflik, L. Natkaniec-Nowak, M. Sikorska, A. Weselucha-Birczynska, 290-299.
Historical extracts from ‘The Gazetteer’ of the Upper Burma and Shan States: U Tin Hlaing, 300-306.
Images from the outback ‘super’ conference, 307-310.
A photo essay on Tanzanian star sunstone: G. Pearson, 311-313.
Note from the laboratory – Anglesite, an unusual collector’s gemstone: G. Choudhary, 314- 315.
Note from the laboratory – Yttria-stabilized zirconia hemisphere apparently imitating a ‘Mabe’ pearl: T. Lu, Y. Mizukami, K. Yasunaga, T. Odaki, H. Uesugi, 316-317.

Volume 23, Number 8, October – December 2008
Odontolite: B. Mann, B. Jackson, G. Brown†, 330-336.
A colourless natural diamond showing strong orange and mixed coloured fluorescence images: T. Lu, T. Odaki, K. Yasunaga, H. Uesugi, 337-340.
The Upper Burma ruby regulation of 1887: U Tin Hlaing, 341-348.
Hackmanite, tugtupite and afghanite – Tenebrescence and fluorescence of some sodalite related minerals: J. Tunzi, G. Pearson, 349-355.
Account of the 1968 inspection and authentication of the Kasikci or Spoonmaker’s diamond: M. Hatipoglu, 356-358.
Economy stereo zoom microscopes: T. Linton, A. Paul, R. Beattie, 360-363.

Volume 23, Number 9, January – March 2009
The Grahame Brown Memorial Issue
List of published works, 376-384.
Some personal reminiscences, 388-396.
The many facets of Grahame Brown, 397-400.
Sapphire-ruby characteristics, West Pailin, Cambodia: F.L. Sutherland, G. Giuliani, A.E. Fallick, M. Garland, G. Webb, 401-407.
Blue fluorescence in diamonds: G. Holloway, 408-414.
Opal similarities between Andamooka and Coober Pedy, South Australia: I.J. Townsend, 415-420.
Nature and origin of the orbicular granodiorite from Boogardie Station, Western Australia: J. Bevan, A.W.R. Bevan, 421-425.
Precision of instrument readability – Your SG value may not be as good as you think it is: G. Pearson, 426-431.

Volume 23, Number 10, April – June 2009
The radiopacity of some common gem materials (reprint of November 1975 paper): G. Brown, A.J. Moule, R.L. O’Neil, 434-439.
Large Brazilian diamonds: D.B. Hoover, J. Karfunkel, 440-446.
Optical phenomena in gemstones: R. Cartier, 447-449.
Quahog pearls – Among nature’s rarest beauties: A. Matlins, 450-452.
A study of zircon from Tanzania – Malaya zircon: U. Henn, 453-456.
Meteorites: Origins, properties and gemmological significance: G. Pearson, 457- 472.
Letter to the Editor – Update on Chinese freshwater cultured pearls and their Raman spectra: S. Karampelas, 473-474.

Volume 23, Number 11, July – September 2009
Working the blue seam – The tanzanite mines of Merelani: V. Pardieu, R.W. Hughes, G. Soubiraa, M. Rogers, W&M Chitty, P. Brunot, 482-494.
Aquamarine – Natural or synthetic?: A. Hodgkinson, 495-499.
The genetic approach for identification of varieties of crystalline and amorphous silica: V.S Balitsky, O.V. Balitskaya, 500-508.
Micro-magma chambers in natural rubies and sapphires: J.I. Koivula, 509-512.
Precious opal from Java: Tay Thye Sun, Puah Chun Mok, Sunny Liew Paul, M. Paramita, C.E.S. Arps, W. atichat, E. Fritsch, We Weng Kang, K. Wijaya, 513-528.
Presidium GCG and C-Master gem calculators: T. Linton, C. Curtis, 529-532.

Volume 23, Number 12, October – December 2009
Argyle Type 1A brown diamonds gemmological properties, FTIR, UV-Vis, CL and ESR features: A. Brajkovic, V. Rolandi, R. Scotti, 539-550.
Differentiation of naturally coloured and artificially irradiated blue topaz specimens by their cathodoluminescence properties: Y. Song, X. Yuan, 551-558.
Zultanite, or colour-change diaspore from the Milas (Mugla) region, Turkey: M. Hatipoglu, M. Akgun, 559-563.
Diaspore, zultanite colour-change variety, gemmological properties – Editor’s addendum: G. Pearson, 564-566.
Ancient deposit of blue chalcedony in Turkey: M. Hatipoglu, S.C. Chamberlain, 567-574.
Laser inscriptions on diamonds: R. Bauer, 575- 578.
Prevention of cracking in Ethiopian opal: S.V. Filin, A.I. Puzynin, 579-582.
Scarselli exhibit of naturally coloured diamonds at the American Museum of Natural History: J. Sheby, 583.
Letter to the Editor – Your SG value might be better than you think: J. Chapman, 584-585.

Volume 24 January-March 2010 – October- December 2012

Volume 24, Number 1, January – March 2010
The Argyle Diamond Mine in transition from open pit to underground extraction:
G. Bosshart, J. Chapman, 4-8.
Rubies and sapphires from Winza, Tanzania – summary of characteristic properties and short update of the mining situation: K. Schmetzer, W. Radl, D. Schwarz, 9-14.
Differing causes of colour in diamonds: C. Payne, R. Bauer, 15-16.
The 31st International Gemmological Conference: T. Coldham, F.Payette, 17-22.
Tanzanite – naturally heat treated?: T. Coldham, 23.
Laser inscribed Australian sapphire: R. Bauer, C. Payne, 25.
Examination results 2009: 26-27.

Volume 24, Number 2, April – June 2010
Federal President’s Report, 31. Microstructures observed in Andamooka matrix opal: G. Pearson, 32-37.
A study of prismatine from Begogo, Madagascar: V. Bordoni, M. Boiocchi, F. Caucia, 38-40.
Coated and fracture-filled coloured diamond: S. Zhonghua, L. Taijin, S. Meidong, S. Jun, D. Jing, Z. Xihuan, 41-43.
A chatoyant malachite: G. Choudhary, 44-45. Cultj Diamond Selector IIITM: T. Linton, A. Paul, 46-47.
60th Anniversary GAA WA Division – 1950-2010: 48.
64th Annual Federal Conference: 49.

Volume 24, Number 3, July – September 2010
Mookaite – A Western Australian ornamental rock: S. and V. Stocklmayer, 56-60.
Spinels from Ywathit deposit, Kayah State, Myanmar: U.T. Hlaing, W. Atichat,
C. Sutthirat, 61-63.
Large synthetic black moissanite on the Australian market: B. Sechos, 64-65.
Presidium Multi TesterTM: T. Linton, I. Johnstone, K. Hunter, 66-67.
Chrysoberyl: a gemstone with many faces: H.A. Hänni, 68-70.
The world’s top summer show: 71-72.

Volume 24, Number 4, October – December 2010
Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender Update: E. and C. Sanders, 80-84.
Explaining the flame structure of non-nacreous pearls: H.A Hänni, 85-88.
A greenish yellow zoisite: G. Choudhary, 90-91.
DiamondNite Tester (DN-1) – Instrument Evaluation Committee Report: T. Linton, A. Paul, I. Johnstone, K. Hunter, 92-93.
Less frequently encountered gemstones –
Euclase: R. Brightman, 94-95.

Volume 24, Number 5, January – March 2011
Triphylite from Brazil – a rare colour-change gemstone: K. Schmetzer, E. Erel, 104-105.
Comparative study of different types of filled rubies: L. Jianjun, H. Wangjiao, S. Yuan, L. Han, C.Youfa, L. Huafeng, L. Ying, F. Chengxing, Y. Hong, 106-115.
Less frequently encountered gemstones – Rhodonite: R. Brightman, 116-117.
A dark-field scope Instrument Evaluation Committee Report: T. Linton, A. Paul, 118- 119.
Gem-Ed – GAA’s newly created educational arm: 120.
An introduction to the PEO of Gem-Ed Australia: 121.
Gem-A – GAA agreement: 122.
The Fred Storch Memorial Scholarship: 123.
Examinations results 2010: 124-125.

Volume 24, Number 6, April – June 2011
GAA Supporter Pins, 131-132. Alexandrites from the Novello alexandrite-emerald deposit Masvingo District, Zimbabwe: K. Schmetzer, S. Stocklmayer, V. Stocklmayer, A-K. Malsy, 133-147.
The ‘hill of the precious stones’, Rattanak Kiri, Cambodia: F. Payette, G. Pearson, 148-153.
Hand held polariscope: T. Linton, A. Paul, 154- 155.
65th Annual Federal Conference: 156-157.
ICA Congress Brazil 2011: 158.

Volume 24, Number 7, July – September 2011
Serpentine crystal with purple-red transmission: G. Choudhary, 164-166.
High quality synthetic yellow orange diamond emerges in China: S. Zhonghua, L. Taijin, S. Meidong, S. Jun, S Jingjing, 167-170.
Gem-quality green and blue tourmaline from a Coolgardie pegmatite, Western Australia: F. Payette, L, Klemm, 171-175.
Less frequently encountered gemstones – Painite: R. Brightman, 176-177.
Tony Kean Award (to T. Coldham): 178. 32nd International Gemmological Conference (Switzerland): 179.

Volume 24, Number 8, October – December 2011
Jack Townsend 1945 – 2011 – With Some personal reminiscences of Jack, 184-188. Jack’s publications 189-193.
Gemstone – Photomicrography images: W.F. Ashford, 194-195.
Jack’s Opal: R. Bauer, 196.
Jack, opal specialist valuer: N. Kollias, 197.
Diamonds and opal: B.J. Morris, 198.
Tourmaline from Kangaroo Island, South Australia, in the Australian Museum collection: G. Webb, 199.
Luminescence of gem opals: a review of intrinsic and extrinsic emission: E. Gaillou, E. Fritsch, F. Massuyeau, 200-201.
Less frequently encountered gemstones – Kyanite: R. Brightman, 202-204.
International Symposium on Jade: T.T. Sun, 205.
GAA’s 2011 Tanzanian Gem Safari: T. Coldham, 206-207.

Volume 24, Number 9, January – March 2012
Causes of colour in fancy white diamonds: C. Payne, R. Bauer, 212-214.
Dioptase from Mozambique: G. Choudhary, 215- 219.
Report on a visit to the Jade Market at Mandalay, Myanmar: T. Coldham, 220-223.
Less frequently encountered gemstones – afghanite: R. Brightman, 224-225.
George Bosshart 1943-2012: 226. Geoffrey Tombs Research Fund: 227.
Examination Results 2011: 228-229.

Volume 24, Number 10, April – June 2012
Past, present and future of Australian gem corundum: A. Abduriyim, F.L. Sutherland, T. Coldham, 234-242.
Natural alexandrites and chrysoberyls from Madagascar with irregular and regular growth patterns: K. Schmetzer, 243-248.
66th GAA Annual Federal conference: 249-255.

Volume 24, Number 11, July – September 2012
Natural pearls and cultured pearls: A basic concept and its variations: H.A. Hänni, 258- 266.
Oriented inclusions in alexandrite from the Lake Manyara deposit, Tanzania: K. Schmetzer, H.-J. Bernhardt, 267-271.
Bicoloured quartz with unusual colour combination: F. Payette, 272.
Exploring surface features on Brazilian topaz crystals: A. de Goutière, 273-274.

Volume 24, Number 12, October – December 2012
The Ellendale Diamond Field: exploration history, discovery, geology and mining: A.L. Ahmat, 280-288.
The Kimberley Diamond Company Ellendale diamond collection at the Western Australian Museum: P.J. Downes, A.W.R. Bevan, G.L. Deacon, 289-293.
Non-decorative jewels – with particular reference to watch jewel bearings and components: J. Warner, 294-301.
Highlights from the Giazotto Mineral Collection: R. Hansen, L. Rennie, 302-303.

Volume 25 January-March 2013 – July- December 2015

Volume 25, Number 1, January – March 2013
New developments in cultured pearl production: use of organic and baroque shell nuclei: L.E. Cartier, S. Krzemnicki, 6-13.
Cobalt-doped glass-filled sapphires: an update: T. Leelawatanasuk, W. Atitchat, V.Pisutha- Arnond, P. Wattanakul, P. Ounorn, W. Manorotkul, R. Hughes, 14-20.
A mystery jewel: G. Henry, T. Coldham, 21-25.
Gemmological Intelligence – Notes from GSL: 27.
Book reviews: 28-29. Examination results 2012: 30-31.

Volume 25, Number 2, April – June 2013
W.H. Hicks Award 2012- A. Ahmat, 36.
The late Dr Grahame Brown’s library finds a new home: 36.
Federal Conference Report and Seminar: 37-40.
Vanadium and chromium bearing chrysoberyl from Mogok, Myanmar – an examination of two historical samples: K. Schmetzer, H. Bernhardt, C. Cavey, 41-45.
Experiences on the South Australian Mintabie opal fields- past and present: P. Blythe, M. Novelli, T. Coldham, 46-54.
Violet and pink coated opals: G. Choudhary, 55- 57.
Unusual organic gem materials- chitons: S. Stocklmayer, 58-59.
Follow up on the mystery jewel: G Henry, 60-61.
Dichromatism, the cause of the Usambara and the alexandrite colour-change effects: G. Pearson, D. Hoover, 62-70.
Gemmological Intelligence: B. Sechos, R. Bauer, 71-72.
Book reviews: 73-74.
Further Examination results 2012: 74.

Volume 25, Number 3, July – September 2013
Corinne Sutherland memorial issue: 80-81.
How diamond performance attributes: brilliance, scintillation and fire depend on human vision features: S. Sivovolenko, Y. Shelementiev, G.Holloway, J. Mistry, R. Serov, S. Zhulin, K. Zipa, 82- 121.

Volume 25, Number 4, October – December 2013
Gem-A Conference: 128.
IGC Vietnam report: T. Coldham, 129-131.
A simple approach to separate natural from synthetic ametrine: F. Payette, 132-141.
The characteristics of amber from Indonesia: T. Leelawatanasuk, P. Wathanakul, S. Paramita, C. Suthirat, B. Sriprasert, P. Bupparenoo, 142-145.
An ornamental sapphirine-cordierite-sillimanite rock from South India: G. Choudary, 146-151.
Identification of treated quartzite imitating B-jade and B+C jade: T sun, l Ying, 152-153.
Gemmological Intelligence: B. Sechos, R. Bauer, 154-157.
Examination results 2013: 158-159.
Errata: 159.

Volume 25, Number 5, January – March 2014
68th Federal Conference: 165.
The development of a new course titled: Advanced gemstone inclusions course: J. Mackenzie, 166-174.
Quartz with sagenitic rutile inclusions from Myanmar: K. Schmetzer, M. P. Steinbach, 175-179.
Tom Nunan- sapphire miner extraordinaire 1928- 2013: T Coldham, 180-191.
Gemmological Intelligence: G. Pearson, 192- 193.
Book reviews: 194-195.

Volume 25, Numbers 6-7, April – September, 2014
68th Federal Conference report: 201-205.
Obituary – Chris Andrews: 205.
The unique attributes of Australian precious opal: A. Smallwood, 207-230.
Yellow gem plagioclase from Cenozoic basalts, eastern Australia, identity and origin: F.L. Sutherland, A. Abduriyim, R. Pogson, G. Suterland, R. Wuhrer, 231-238.
A theoretical and experimental study of the heat treatment of opaque Thai sapphire to transparent blue sapphire: T. Sripoonjan, B. Wanthanachaisaeng, C. Sutthirat, 239-244.
Residual pressure distribution and visualization of mineral inclusions in corundum: application of photoluminescence spectroscopy in relation to sapphires from New England, New South Wales, Australia: A. Abduriyim N. Kamegata, N. Noguchi, H. Kagi, F.L. Sutherland, T. Coldham, 245-254.
Gemmological Intelligence: G. Pearson, 255- 258.
Book review: 258.

Volume 25, Number 8, October – December, 2014
Gem-A Conference report 2014: 264-267.
Chromism in pink diamonds J. Chapman, 268- 271.
Australian opalized fossils- Earth treasures from dried mud and deep time: E. Smith, 272-278.
Agate investigation with particular emphasis on iris agate: G. Pearson, R. Green, 279-287.
Gemmological Intelligence: A. Malecka, 288- 289.
GAA Instrument Evaluation Committee report: T. Linton, A. Smallwood, A. Paul, 290-291.
Examination results 2014: 292-293.

Volume 25, Number 9, January- March, 2015
Divisional News: 301-302
Vale George Norris: B. Nicol, 303
Australian opal centre: a glittering palace for the queen of gems: J. Brammall, 304-315.
A review of diamonds in Zimbabwe-a century on: V. Stocklmayer, S. Stocklmayer, 316-325.
Microstructures of opal related to gemological characteristics: S.Toaree,B. Wanthanachaisaeng, C. Sutthirat, 326-329.
Examination results 2014: 330-331.

Volume 25, Number 10, April- June, 2015
Divisional News: 336.
An unusual color-change almandine from Fazenda Rodolita, Tocantins State, Brazil: D. Hoover, J. Karfunkel, K. Krambrock, A. F. Fernandes, 337-345.
Rare gem mineral deposits from Brazil – Part 3: M. de Sa Carneiro Chaves, J. Karfunkel, L. da Silveira, R. Scholz, K. Krambrock, C. Dias, D. Hoover, 346-353.
The 14th Gemmological Symposium in Paris, France, 8th June 2015: L. Sutherland, 354- 355.
ICA Congress and Mine Tour Sri Lanka 2015: K. Kovacs, 356-357.
High intensity LED fibre optic: T. Linton, A. Paul, A. Smallwood, 358-360.
Online diamond ring sales fraud: S. C. Edwards, 361-363.

Volume 25, Numbers 11-12, July-December, 2015
Vale Bob Sneed: 368.
Report on the Gem-A Conference 2015: L. Cunningham, 370-371.
European precious opal from Cervenica-Dubnik – an historical and gemmological summary: P. Semrad, 372-388.
Padparadscha or pretender: examination of an unusual pink-orange sapphire: E. B. Hughes, C. Chankhantha, A. Burkhardt, W. Manorotkul, R. Hughes, 389-392.
Ethiopian opals: facts, fears and fairytales: J. Bergman, B. Wheat, 393-402.
Moldavite, a gemmological relevant natural glass: G. Pearson, 403-409.
An unusual occurrence of iron sulphide and baryte in Coober Pedy opal: B.A. Grguric, A. Pring, J. Zhao, 410-411.

Volume 26, Numbers 1-4, January- December, 2016
Divisional News: 4-8.
Glass filling of corundum- the story of Noi and Tam and their gem treatment business in Thailand: R. Chapman, 9-13.
Chelsea filter- function, applications, performance inconsistencies with age: G. Pearson, 16-26.
Lab update: CVD synthetic diamond identified in the GIT-GTL: S. Promwongnan, T. Leelawatanasuk, T. Lhuaamporn, 27-32.
Challenging synthetic rubies examined in GIA’s Bangkok and Hong Kong laboratories: S. Saeseaw, J. Muyal, S. Sangsawong, 33-44.
Amethyst of remarkable fine qualities from a reportedly new find in Rwanda: T. Stephen, F. Schmitz, 45-47.
Overview of garnet composition inter- relationships: G. Pearson, 4-53.
Gemmological Intelligence: T. Coldham, 54. Book review: 55.

Volume 26, Numbers 5-6, January- June, 2017
W.H. Hicks Award – A Smallwood: 60
Divisional news: 60-66
Australasian rubies: L. Sutherland, I. Graham, S. Harris, K. Zaw, S. Meffre, T. Coldham, R. Coenraads, G. Sutherland, 68-76.
Investigation of suitability of some illuminations for use with gemological instruments, especially the Chelsea filer: G. Pearson, 77-87.
Diamonds of the Alto Paranaíba, Brazil: Nixon’s prediction verified?: D. Hoover, J. Karfunkel, L.C.B. Ribiero, G. Michelfelder, R.A.V. Moraes, K. Krambrock, D. Quintão, D. Walde, 88-99.
Gemmological intelligence: T. Coldham, 102-103. Examination results: 104-105.
Book review: 106.

Volume 26, Numbers 7-8, July-December, 2017
International Gemmology Conference Namibia October 2017 report, 112-115.
Divisional news: 116-119
Australian cassiterite and chrysoberyl: gem and mineral specimens from the Natural History Museum, London: R. Hansen and L. Rennie, 120-128.
Riverina emerald deposit revisited: S. Stocklmayer, B. Macray, V. Stocklmayer, 129- 138.
Investigation of the porosity of some opaline siliceous materials: G. Pearson, 139-155.
Gemmological intelligence: M. Gale, 158-159. S. Lim, 160-161; T. Coldham, 161-168.
Book reviews: 169-171.

Volume 26, Numbers 9-10, January-June, 2018
Report on the GAA 72nd Federal conference: 176-178
Divisional news: 179-181.
W.H. Hicks Prize List 1993 – 2017.
The Gemmology Review: 184-186.
Members celebrating 60 years with the GAA: 187-194.
The Alto Paranaiba region, Brazil: A continuing source for pink diamonds? D.B. Hoover, J. Karfunkel, D. Walde, R.A.V. Moraes, G. Michelfelder, F.E. Renger, L.C.B. Ribeiro, K. Krambrock, C. F. Klock, 196-204.
The First Australian Diamond: R. Hansen and L. Rennie, 205-208.
An overview of synthetic diamond detection – methods and instruments: J. Chapman and B. Deljanin, 209-216.
Essential books on diamond: A.J.A. Janse, 217- 223.
The pursuit of colour. Part 1. The rise to prominence of fancy coloured diamonds post 1970: C. Green, 226-239.
Gemmological intelligence: Y. Finkelstein, 240- 243; G. Holloway, 244-248; S. Stocklmayer, 249; S. Lim, 250-253.
Examination results 2017: 254-255.
Book reviews: 256-258.

Volume 26, Numbers 11-12, July-December, 2018
Report on the International Mineralogical Association meeting: 265.
Divisional news: 266-268.
Ancient Sri Lankan intaglios: some preliminary observations: M.D.P.L. Francis and S. Wijewardane, 270-279.
Iris agate revisited: electron microscopy inspection: G. Pearson and R. Scal, 280-283.
Anorthite skarn with dispersed chromium- hydrogrossular from the Muslim Bagh area, Pakistan: H. Hanni, L. Franz and H.A.O. Wang, 286-290.
The pursuit of colour. Part 2. The relationship between light and cut in fancy coloured diamonds: C. Green, 291-302.
Gemmological intelligence: H. Hanni, 303-305; R. Bauer, 304-305.
Book reviews: 308-310.

New Numbering of Issues and Change of Name from ‘Gemmological Intelligence’ to ‘Gemmological spectrum’ for short articles

Volume 27 January-June 2019 – July- December 2021

Volume 27, Number 1, January –June 2019
W. H. Hicks Award Winner 2018: 4.
Report on the GAA 73rd Federal Conference: 5.
Divisional news: 6-9.
Report on Gemboree and Rock the Tropics Tour: Stacey Lim, 10-11.
Australian faceted fluorite specimen from the Natural History Museum, London: Robin F. Hansen and Léonie J. Rennie, 12-17
A new Russian sapphire discovery in the Naryn-Gol Creek placer deposits (Dzhida Flood Basalt, Baikal Rift System): Anna V. Aseeva, Еvgeniy V. Кislov, Sergey V. Vysotskiy, Oleg Yu Korshunov, Tat’yana A. Velivetskaya, Robert R. Coenraads, Vladislav V. Vanteev, Alexander A. Karabtsov and Victoria V. Yakovenko, 20-26.
Report on the Mediterranean Gem and Jewellery Conference: Sarah Claire Edwards, 27-33.
Gemmolgical Spectrum-Short Articles: Use of Meterorites in Jewellery, Cheryl Murdoch,34-37.
Examination results 2018: 38-39.
Book reviews: 40-42.

Volume 27, Number 2, July-December 2019
Divisional news: 48-52.
ICA Congress Report: Sarah Claire Edwards, Kathryn Kovacs and Terry Coldham, 54-55.
What is Jade? Musings of a Jade Enthusiast: Ian Mercer, 56-64.
Gemstone Buying in Brazil: Gerry Walsh, 65-70. Ivory and Rhino Horn – Australia’s plan to close the ‘back door’ on illegal trade: Kaaren Morrissey, 71-73.
Gemmological Spectrum- Short articles: ‘Somewhere in the rainbow’ – a modern gem and jewellery collection: Laura Phillis, 76-79. A fascinating sceptre amethyst: Laura Brehaut and Léonie Rennie, 80-81.
Milestone appointment and startup for Australian opal centre: Jenni Brammall, 82- 83.
Book reviews: 84-86.

Volume 27, Number 3, January–June, 2020
Divisional News: 93-98.
Webinar Summary – The Corundum Conundrum: Grant Hamid, 99.
Report Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show, 2020: Laura Phillis, 100-101.
Classification Of Precious Matrix Opals of Australia: Eduard Akhmetshin and Vladimir Filippov, 102-107.
A Gemstone Buyer’s Guide to Cut Styles: Justin Prim, 108-113.
What’s in a Name? Pinctada Albina, The Shark Bay Pearl: Léonie Rennie, 114-118.
Artificial Colour in Diamonds With a Focus on HPHT Treatment of Natural Diamonds: Monica Casamento, 119-133.
Gemmological Spectrum – Short Articles
Deep Purple Vesuvianite (Idocrase) from Pakistan: Henry Hänni, Leander Franz and Hao Wang, 136-139.
What Am I? An Interesting Inclusion in Fluorite: Robin Hansen and Leonie Rennie, 140.
The Crown of an English Queen-a Rare Examination of a Minor Artifact: Kaaren Morrissey, 141-143.
Examination Results 2019:144-145.
From the Archives: 146-151.
Book Reviews: 152-154.

Volume 27, Number 4, July-December, 2020
Divisional News: 160-165.
Webinar Summaries
Jade-What is Fei Cui and Jadeite Jade?: Ronnie Bauer and Tay Thye Sun, 166-168.
Pearls: past, Present and Future: James Brown, 169-170.
Art Deco, 1925-1930: Kathryn Wyatt, 171-172.
Synthetic Diamonds-Production and Detection: John Chapman and Sarah Claire Edwards, 173-174.
Update on Australian Sapphires: Ian Graham, Nicholas Raffan, Ralph Bottrill, David Duncan, William Birch, Peter Downes, Susan Stocklmayer and Gaston Giuliani, 175-189.
Women’s Work in the Gemstone Supply Chain: Africa, India and Thailand: Lynda Lawson, 190-198.
A Visit to the Indonesian Opal Fields in 2019-Opal types, mining and treatment Part 1: Terrence Coldham and Joel Ivey, 199-213.
Shark Bay, Pearl Shell and Family Heirlooms: Léonie Rennie, 216-224.
Gemmological Spectrum – Short Articles
Casual Continental Conversation-A Road Trip of USA Gem Mines: Dacques Nini, 225-230.
What Am I Not! Interesting Responses to the Identity of an Includion in Fluorite: Léonie Rennie and Robin Hansen, 231.
From the Archives: 232-235.
Book Reviews: 236-238.

Volume 27, Number 5, January-June, 2021
W. H. Hicks Prize Winner 2019-2020: 244.
Federal News
Federal President’s Report: Katrina Marchioni, 245.
Scientific Seminars of the GAA Federal Conference, WA: Eleanor Sanders, 246-247.
GAA Honorary Life Membership Awards: 248.
Divisional News: 249-252.
Webinar Summary
The Inside World of Pearls: James Brown, 253-255.
Report on the Australian Opal Symposium: Terry Coldham, 256-261.
Provenance Proof-the New Technologies to Track and Trace Gems in the Supply Chain: Charles Lawson and Miranda Simmiss, 262-271.
Some Encounters with Halite and Gyspsum-Notes on their Crystallography and Gemmology: Susan Stocklmayer, 274-282.
Gemmological Spectrum – Short Articles
Finding Beauty in Gem Photography: Rebecca Sampson, 283-286.
Examination Results 2020: 287.
From the Archives: 288-291.
Book Reviews: 292-297.

Volume 27, Number 6, July-December, 2021
Divisional News: 304-308.
Webinar Summaries:
Diamond Cut-The Big Risk to the Natural Diamond Market Posed by Synthetic or Laboratory Grown Diamonds: Garry Holloway, 310-311.
Precious Metal Marking and Identification: Chris Sherwin, 312-313.
A Visit to the Indonesian Opal Fields in 2019-Opal types, mining and treatment Part 2: Terrence Coldham, Joel Ivey and Anthony Smallwood, 315-327.
Gemstones and the Artist’s Palette-Natural Mineral Colouring of Paint Pigments: Michelle Clark, 330-342.
Gemmological Spectrum – Short Articles
Would Tanzanite by Another Name Sell as Sweet?: Torsten Arndt and Adrain Sewell, 343-344.
Zoisite-A Gemstone of Many Colours: Laura Phillis, 345-346.
A Delightful Pendant Suite: Kate Foley, 347.
From the Archives: 348-351.
Book Reviews: 352-354.

Volume 28, Number 1, January–June, 2022
Federal News
GAA Honorary Life Membership Awards:4-5.
Divisional News: 6-7.
Staurolite and its Role as an Ornamental: Susan Stocklmayer, 8-17.
Gemstone Deposits of Eastern Kenya and Tanzania Controlled by Ancient Meteorite Impacts and Continental Collision–an Exploration Model: John M. Saul, 18-25.
Black Diamonds and Carbonados: a reflective overview: robin F. Hansen and Léonie J. Rennie, 26-39.
Gemmological Spectrum – Short Articles
Using Luminescence for Diamond Identification: John Chapman,40-41.
Chameleon Diamond: John Chapman, 46-47.
Examination results 2021: 48-49.
From the Archives: 50-51.
Book Reviews: 54-57.

Volume 28, Number 2, July–December 2022
Divisional News
Webinar summary:
The Evolution of Diamond Cutting: Scott Sucher, 70-71.
Conference Reports:
Perth Gem and Mineral Show, 2022: Leonie Rennie, 72-73.
6th Mediterranean Gem and Jewellery conference: Kathryn Wyatt, 74-77.
Your Say: 78.
A Photomicrographic Compilation of Inclusions in Quartzes: Grant Pearson, 80-88
The Early History of Synthetic Diamond: James Evans, 90-95.
Argyle Violet Diamonds: John Chapman, 98-102.
Gemmological Spectrum – Short Articles
World of Wonder: Margot McKinney Exhibtion at the Museum of Brisbane: Rebecca Sampson103.
A White Diamond: John Chapman, 104-105.
From the Archives: 106-109.
Book Reviews: 110-114.

Volume 28, Number 3, January-June, 2023
W. H. Hicks Prize 2021-2022: 120.
Provenance Proof – Update: 120
Federal News: 121-125
Divisional News: 126-127
Conference Report: Tucson 2023, 128-129
Gemstone occurrences and ancient circular impact-scars: the gemmology tail wags the geology dog: John M. Saul, 130-135.
New finds of cobalt-bearing spinel near Mahenge Tanzania: Tom Stephan, Ulrich Henn and Stefan Muller, 136-141.
Gemmological Spectrum – Short Articles
The new minerals exhibition at the Australian museum: Ross Pogson, 146-149.
Detecting corundum fillers with the long-wav UV torch: E. Billlie Hughes, 150-151.
An interesting pair of earrings: Léonie Rennie, 152-153.
Examination Results 2022: 154-155.
From the Archives: 156-169.
Book Reviews: 170-174.

Volume 28, Number 4, July-December, 2023
Divisional News: 181-184.
Gemfields Report: 185-189.
Queensland precious opal deposits and associated critical minerl enrichment within silicified palaeochannels: Brian R. senior and Byron J. Deveson, 190-199.
A story in a gemstone necklace: Susan Stocklmayer, 200-206.
Gemmological Spectrum – Short Articles
Trade Update-surface coated synthetic moissanite now widely available: Laura Brehaut, 210-212.
Unusual chalcedony-agate pebbles from the Gobi Desert: Jin Mehdi, 213-218.
The agate man- Sir Paul Howard: Robert Coenraads, 219-224.
From the Archives: 225-227.
Book Reviews: 228-229.