Membership of The Gemmological Association is open to people from all walks of life.

Membership benefits include:

GAA’s many courses in gemmology (special member rates).
Award of Fellowship, and the postnominal FGAA, following successful completion of the Association’s Diploma in Gemmology and an appropriate application to the Federal Council.
The GAA Diploma in Diamond Technology with postnominals DipDT.
The Association’s Research Diploma in Gemmology, and the postnominal DipGR, following the successful submission of a suitable thesis.
Receipt of two issues of The Australian Gemmologist — the informative and prestigious journal of The Gemmological Association of Australia.

Membership also includes:

A copy of the State Division magazine.
Invitations to member nights featuring guest speakers on topics pertinent to gemmology and the jewellery industry.
Complimentary copies of our point-of-sale diamond ‘4C’s’ information brochure.
Window decal and instore A4 certificate stating that you are a member of the GAA for the current year.
Access to your Division’s extensive library and laboratory.
Industry networking opportunities.
Access to member benefit foreign exchange

Your membership fees will also be utilised for:

Maintaining facilities at your State Division so that we can continue to deliver world-class education.
Publicity and marketing programs to better educate the public about gemstones and gemmology.
Fostering links between our Association and other important trade bodies.
The Federal Council is the governing body of the Association and is made up of representatives from all states. The council meets face-to-face annually and by teleconference or Internet each month.