Fellowship to FGAA

On successful completion of the GAA Diploma in Gemmology, graduates may apply for Fellowship of the Association, which entitles the use of the post nominals FGAA whilst a member.

FGAA stands for Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia. It is a statement of professional attainment that attracts international respect and recognition.

Fellowship shows that you have been accepted by other gemmologists as a successful graduate of an in depth, scientifically-focussed course. It is acknowledgement that your understanding and ability to identify gem materials meets the high standard set by, and expected of, the GAA.

FGAA is a post-nominal that, if you wish, you are entitled to display professionally, for example, John Smith FGAA.

As a Fellow, you will be part of a worldwide fraternity of gemmologists who are also Fellows of their respective associations:
FGA – the Gemmological Association of Great Britain
FCGmA – the Canadian Gemmological Association
CGA – the Gemmological Association of All Japan

The FGAA post-nominal communicates to your international counterparts that you, too, are a trained and skilled gemmologist in all facets of gem materials identification; you have a thorough understanding of the geographical and geological origins of gem materials; and you can convey scientifically accurate information to consumers.

As a Fellow, you agree to (i) abide by the Code of Ethics of the Gemmological Association of Australia, and (ii) maintain your support for its activities and education programmes by maintaining membership of your State Division. This is important in demonstrating your professionalism and your commitment to uphold ethics in the industry. Concomitant with this, your continued financial membership supports the GAA, without which it may be unable to provide the valuable services and facilities it offers.

You are proud to show the world that you are a Fellow of the GAA, an association that that has successfully educated enthusiasts, consumers and the jewellery industry since 1945.

Achievement. Recognition. Community.

FGAA – four simple letters that mean a lot! Apply for yours today.