Graduate Profile: Ronnie Bauer

What is your current job? Association Secretary, VP JAA, Senior Rep for Australia to CIBJO, Director of Klepner’s, Councillor for Phillip Island Bass Coast Shire

What did you study at the Gemmological Association of Australia? It is easier to answer what I haven’t studied – Sketching. I have done every other course offered by the GAA.

What did you think of the course? I love gemmology. The GAA course is equivalent to Gem A and far superior to GIA.

Did you do any other study? BA Media, Post grad Business administration

Why did you choose to study gemmology? Originally because of work. 5th generation to be the custodian of the Klepner’s name.

What do enjoy most about working in the gem or jewellery industry? If not in the industry, where does your passion lead you? The people. It’s a wonderful family- world wide

How did the GAA help you? It helped me in my work and through giving back via the committee and other industry positions the GAA gave me the profile to be able to participate on the national and world stage.

Do you have a position at the GAA? Association Secretary (Victoria).

What do you like most about your job? Seeing new things every day and learning more and more about hallmarking and antique jewellery.

What is your most treasured possession? My dog Hirdie followed by my honorary fellowship from Gem A.

What is your greatest business or hobby extravagance? Probably my car Audi S3 convertible.

Best part of your job? Seeing couples enjoying the moment when they get the engagement ring. Not necessarily diamond

Hardest part? When a person sells jewellery because they desperately need the money

Best kept secret gem? Opalised fossils Lightning ridge NSW

Favourite gem? Chysoberyl, Alexandrite

Dream job? I am lucky to be living it

“I am always being asked to give advice of jewellery and I like to give my knowledge freely. I often wonder what the future holds for the next generation. I am very good at getting into trouble. Friends say that the grass does not grow under my feet”