W. H. Hicks Prize 2019-2020

Monica Casamento with her certificate for the W. H. Hicks Prize

The W. H. Hicks Prize is a prestigious award and is not presented every year. The selection process requires that there is a minimum number of articles written by Australian authors across one or two years and published by The Australian Gemmologist. This year’s Prize winner was selected from articles published in the 2019 and 2020 issues of the journal.

Eligible articles are put to a panel of respected Australian gemmologists from different representative states, who then vote on the article they think is best. Past winners of the W.H. Hicks Prize include some of Australia’s most distinguished gemmologists, many of whom continue to make contributions to the GAA.

It is a great pleasure to announce that the winner of the W. H. Hicks Prize for 2019-2020 is Monica Casamento for her paper, “Artificial Colour in Diamonds – With a Focus on HPHT Treatment of Natural Diamonds”. Monica’s comprehensive article was published in The Australian Gemmologist Volume 27 (3), 2020, pp119-133.

A longer version of the article was submitted as part of Monica’s Diploma of Diamond Technology in 2019. She was delighted that her work has been recognised with this Prize, and Monica continues her passion for the gem and diamond industries. Monica admits to having found her niche working as a gemmologist with one of Sydney’s leading jewellery houses in a position she commenced three years ago. She acknowledges loving what she does, working diligently to deliver high quality service and knowledge to her clients, and is keen to write further articles for The Australian Gemmologist.

Monica was presented with her certificate and a gift by the Editor of The Australian Gemmologist, Dr Michelle Clark, on Wednesday 12 May in the presence of Monica’s work colleagues.

The Australian Gemmologist Editorial Committee and the Gemmological Association of Australia Federal Council offer sincere congratulations to Monica for her article and her outstanding contribution to gemmology which now forms part of the legacy of the GAA and The Australian Gemmologist. Monica’s name now sits alongside the list of eminent previous winners of the Prize.

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