Weird & Wonderful Gemstones

This course provides those with a grounding in Gemmology the opportunity to learn and test those rare and unusual gemstones that are not included in the Diploma in Gemmology course. Over 350 specimens will be available for study over a two day period. These have been collected over a 45 year period by the lecturer with each one fully catalogued. An expanded list of RI and SG values in a graphical spreadsheet covering more than 400 gemstones and mineral groups will be made available to participants.

Pre-requisite: current GEM2 student or Diploma in Gemmology Graduate (including overseas qualifications)

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  • Rare & Unusual Gemstones
  • 450 samples to view & test
  • Expanded RI & SG values
  • Go beyond the Diploma


  • Anyone interested in going beyond the Diploma examples
  • Current Diploma in Gemmology Students (GEM2)
  • Diploma in Gemmology Graduates (including Overseas qualifications)
  • Valuers
  • Mineralogists


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