Diploma in Gemmology

An in-depth scientific study of gemstones using gemmological instruments. The qualified Gemmologist is able to identify and describe whether a gem is natural, synthetic (man-made) or treated. Gemmologists identify gems in antique and modern jewellery and for jewellery production. Graduates possess the knowledge to identify gem material for subsequent wholesale and retail purchase of loose gem material. It is a fascinating subject that encompasses a world wide community promoting a passion for the ever expanding world of gemstones and their treatments.

In addition to the time required for classes (4-5hr contact hours per week), we recommend a minimum of eight additional hours per week of independent study for the in-house study method (considerably more for intensive students).

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  • Physical and optical properties of gemstones
  • Gemstone light, colour and optical properties
  • Geology, chemistry and physical properties of gemstones
  • Instruments & testing procedures for gem identification
  • Crystalline gemstones (eg quartz, ruby, emerald, garnet, etc)
  • Organic gemstones (eg pearls, amber, coral, etc)
  • Synthetics and imitants


  • Manufacturing jeweller
  • Jewellery buyer
  • Jewellery valuer
  • Retail and wholesale gem sales
  • Gem enthusiast
  • Researcher
  • Second hand dealer/auction house staff


Courses are provided by Gem-Ed Australia and individual State Divisions. Select a division below to view upcoming course dates, fees and to enrol.

Since graduating I have been setting up my new little jewellery business, Sleepless Nights Design, and working on my first production range.


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Learn the traditional ways of threading, including knotting and finishing, to complete your own strings using natural gem beads and cultured pearls.

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Jewellery Sketching and Design

Learn basic techniques and tricks to enable jewellery concepts and ideas to be sketched quickly and effectively.

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