Introduction to Ornamentals & Organic Gemstones

This one day course covers what is an ornamental and organic gem material and what is so special about them. How they are used now and in the past. Includes pearls and cameos.

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  • Includes lecture in the morning and hands-on in the afternoon
  • Covers many differing gem materials and the instruments used to identify them
  • Covers the difference between natural and synthetic and imitation and treated ornamental and organic gems
  • Discusses different care for and maintenance of these gem materials
  • Discusses why a species of gem may come in many different colours.


  • Retail jewellers
  • Wholesale jewellers and gem dealers
  • Hobbyists with an interest to learn about diamonds
  • TAFE/university students studying jewellery making or geology
  • Potential jewellery valuers
  • Antique dealers
  • Auction house personnel


Courses are provided by Gem-Ed Australia and individual State Divisions. Select a division below to view upcoming course dates, fees and to enrol.

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